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LAT, Firewalls, and Network Security?

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The Question is:

i would like to know if LAT is able to bind to multiple adapters. i know it
 will do failover. but we have two NICs and want to run LAT over both
 interfaces. these two networks are our DMZ and a firewalled portion of our
 network seperated by a router. we w
ant to be able to use our printers on either side of the network and therefor
 need LAT on both adapters.

The Answer is :

  Please review the contents of SYS$MANAGER:LAT$SYSTARTUP.TEMPLATE for
  instructions on how to define links to multiple adapters, lin the
  current version of the file, look after the section entitled:
    Start LAT Protocol
  Some firewalls can also open up paths for protocols such as LAT,
  allowing LAT traffic to traverse the firewall.
  Do realize you are bypassing a firewall; effectively creating a new
  hole through the firewall via this host; a bridge through to the DMZ.
  You will want to ensure you do not open up bi-directional LAT with
  a host bridging the firewall unless that is absolutely necessary,
  as that provides the potential for bi-directional connectivity
  bypassing the firewall.
  It may be more appropriate to add additional printers than to open
  new potential paths for security breaches.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-NOV-2004 )

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