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Spurious SYSMAN INVLOGIN Errors?

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The Question is:

My question is this. When we try and do a config show time on a node we get a
 strange error. Here is the command and the error:
$ mc sysman
SYSMAN> set env/node=(mcjomf,milc2)
Remote Password:
%SYSMAN-I-ENV, current command environment:
        Individual nodes: MCJOMF,MILC2
        At least one node is not in local cluster
        Username SYSTEM       will be used on nonlocal nodes
SYSMAN> config sh time
System time on node MCJOMF: 11-NOV-2004 08:54:34.06
System time on node MILC2: 11-NOV-2004 08:54:40.20
%SYSMAN-I-NODERR, error returned from node MCJOMF
-SYSTEM-F-INVLOGIN, login information invalid at remote node.
This is on an Alpha syste running open VMS with Decnet phase 4. I hope this is
 enough information. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

The Answer is :

  Please use system security auditing to locate the particular trigger
  for the login failure; it is not clear exactly what is issuing the
  error, as the OpenVMS Wizard would not have expected to see an error
  such as this and is unable to replicate this on a supported (more
  current) configuration.
  Please ensure that all shared files and all cluster authorization
  files -- as referenced in SYLOGICALS.TEMPLATE on V7.2 and later
  and as referenced in the FAQ -- are set up appropriately with
  logical names if the files are not located in their default
  positions within the system disk directory structure; ensure
  all logical names for all relocated cluster authorization files
  are set appropriately.
  Also check for any SYSMAN logical names in the SYSMAN$NODE_TABLE
  logical name table using SHOW LOGICAL /TAB=SYSMAN$NODE_TABLE; see
  if there are any synonyms for the specified node that might cause
  SYSMAN to access another node.
  Please also move to a supported and more current OpenVMS Alpha release.
  If you must operate on a release this old, please ensure you have
  the most current applicable ECO kits and all mandatory ECO kits
  installed.  (The same recommendation holds for more current releases,
  of course.)
  If you can reproduce this on a supported configuration, please
  contact the support center directly.

answer written or last revised on ( 11-NOV-2004 )

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