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Multi-Headed DECwindows Displays?

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The Question is:

This is a DECWindows Question.  Under Motif 1.2-6 is there a way to configure a
 two headed Alpha
Station DS20 so that the pointer (cursor) will
pass from one head to another in the vertical
direction.  This is the case for the application, where the monitors are
 positioned one on top of the other, making the most visually optiomal pathfor
 moving from on head to the another from the top of the bottom monitor and from
 the bottom ofthe top moni
tor.  I have checked every config file that I can find, looking for an entry that
relates to this.  Is this possible?

The Answer is :

  A package such as Xinerama might be of interest; support for virtual
  stacking of multiheaded X Windows displays is available in DECwindows
  releases more current than V1.2-6.  Please see the DECwindows
  documentation (for current DECwindows releases) for details of
  configuring and using Xinerama.
  Older implementations of DECwindows such as V1.2-6 have a less flexible
  relationship among multiple screens, and typically assume a horizontal
  organization.  Both left-to-right and right-to-left can be configured.
  By default, whichever physical screen is X Windows screen 0 will be
  the default application screen though this can be changed with the
  SET DISPLAY command or with the default application screen mechanism
  via the symbol DECW$APPSSCREEN within the file:
  For example, if you want the login box to appear on the right-side
  screen in a typical two-headed multi-headed system, add the line:
  With Xinerama, you have full flexibility to locate the adjacencies
  among the various screens as desired, and vertical orientations
  among the available DECwindows X Windows screens are supported.
  Do ensure you have installed the current ECO kit for the particular
  DECwindows release in use, as well as current ECOs for OpenVMS.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-NOV-2004 )

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