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Relocating Application Files?

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The Question is:

We run VMS on a MicrVax 3100 with 3 Disks. One is the systems disk and the
 other 2 are data disks. Unfortunately two of the data files are on the System
 disk which has  limited free blocks (675336) The two other Disks have very
 large free blocks 4026430 a
nd 1005585 respetively.
Is there an easy way of making the data on the system disk go to one of the
 data disks.
Many thanks

The Answer is :

  Please review your application product documentation or contact your
  application vendor; as a general rule, it is trivially easy to copy
  files from one disk to another, but -- without details of the software
  application(s) involved -- it is not feasible for the OpenVMS Wizard to
  indicate how the application(s) might locate the data once the files
  have been moved.  (The command to relocate data files is typically
  COPY.)  The software product documentation for the package(s) that
  reference these data files will be of interest, of course, as will
  contact the vendor support organization if the product documentation
  does not indicate the particular procedure(s) involved in relocating
  the files and (re)configuring the application(s).
  The other obvious option, of course, is to move to a larger system disk.

answer written or last revised on ( 15-NOV-2004 )

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