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Compaq BASIC for OpenVMS
Alpha and VAX Systems
Reference Manual

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Appendix A
Appendix A ASCII Character Codes
Appendix B
Appendix B BASIC Keywords
Appendix C
Appendix C Differences Between Alpha BASIC and VAX BASIC
     C.1     Feature Differences
         C.1.1         VAX BASIC Features Not Available in Alpha BASIC
         C.1.2         Alpha BASIC Features Not Available in VAX BASIC
     C.2     Behavior Differences
         C.2.1         Optimization
         C.2.2         Data Types
             C.2.2.1             QUAD, SFLOAT, TFLOAT, and XFLOAT
             C.2.2.2             Implicit Use of the HFLOAT Data Type
             C.2.2.3             Double Data Type
             C.2.2.4             HFLOAT Data Type and HFLOAT COMPLEX Data Type in Oracle CDD/Repository
         C.2.3         Array Parameters
         C.2.4         DEF* Routines
         C.2.5         /LINES Qualifier
         C.2.6         Appending Files at the DCL Command Line
         C.2.7         Unreachable Code Error
         C.2.8         Line Numbers
         C.2.9         Error Handling Semantics
         C.2.10         Generation of Object Modules
         C.2.11         RESUME and DEF
         C.2.12         Exceptions
         C.2.13         Compiler Message Differences
         C.2.14         Error Status Returned to DCL
         C.2.15         SYS$INPUT
         C.2.16         FSS$ Function
         C.2.17         BAS$K_FAC_NO Constant
         C.2.18         Math Functions with Different Results
         C.2.19         Floating Point Errors
         C.2.20         Error Detection on Illegal MAT Operations
         C.2.21         Debugging Differences
         C.2.22         Listing File Differences
     C.3     Common Language Environment Differences
         C.3.1         Creating PSECTs with COMMON and MAP Statements
         C.3.2         64-Bit Floating-Point Data
     C.4     LIB$ROUTINES and BASIC$STARLET.TLB Routines Unsupported by Alpha BASIC
1-1 Referencing Label Names in BASIC Programs
1-2 Using the DECLARE Statement to Set Array Boundaries
1-3 Naming Constants Within a Program Unit
1-4 Associating Values with Named Constants
1-5 Declaring Constants Outside the Program Unit
1-6 Specifying a Comment Field
1-7 Using Comment Fields to Format a Program
1-8 Using REM Statements in BASIC Programs
C-1 Alpha BASIC HFLOAT Translation
C-2 VAX BASIC HFLOAT Translation
C-3 Oracle CDD/Repository HFLOAT COMPLEX Data Type with Alpha BASIC
C-4 Oracle CDD/Repository HFLOAT COMPLEX Data Type with VAX BASIC
1-1 Representation of the Subscript Variable A%(4%,6%)
1-2 Truth Tables
1 Conventions Used in This Manual
2 Mnemonics and Other Terms Used in Syntax
1-1 Keyword Space Requirements
1-2 BASIC Data Types
1-3 Specifying Floating-Point Constants
1-4 Numbers in E Notation
1-5 Specifying Integer Constants
1-6 Predefined Constants
1-7 Arithmetic Operators
1-8 VAX BASIC Result Data Types for DECIMAL Data
1-9 Alpha BASIC Result Data Types for DECIMAL Data
1-10 Numeric Relational Operators
1-11 String Relational Operators
1-12 Logical Operators
1-13 Numeric Operator Precedence
2-1 Multiplying a Numeric Value with the SCALE Command
4-1 FILL Item Formats and Storage Allocations
4-2 EDIT$ Values
4-3 MAGTAPE Features in BASIC
4-4 Rounding and Truncation of 123456.654321
4-6 TIME Function Values
A-1 ASCII Characters Reserved for National Use
A-2 ASCII Codes
C-1 VAX BASIC Features Not Available in Alpha BASIC
C-2 Alpha BASIC Qualifiers Not Available in VAX BASIC

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