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C Programming Language
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Compaq C
Run-Time Library Reference Manual for OpenVMS Systems


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32-bit UIDs, GIDs
64-bit pointer support
abort function #1
abort function #2
abs function
accept socket routine
access function
    hardware error
    sigbus signal
    sigsegv signal
acos function
acosh function
addch function
addstr function
alarm function #1
alarm function #2
alarm function #3
    program example
Allocate memory
    calloc function
    malloc function
    realloc function
Argument list functions #1
Argument list functions #2
    variable-length lists
    table of values
asctime function
asctime_r function
asin function
asinh function
asm calls
assert function
AST reentrancy #1
AST reentrancy #2
atan function
atan2 function
atanh function
atexit function
atof function
atoi function
atol function
atoll function
atoq function
Auxiliary communication routines
Backport object library
basename function
Basic communication routines
bcmp function
bcopy function
bind socket routine
box function
brk function #1
brk function #2
bsearch function
btowc function #1
btowc function #2
bzero function
C language
    I/O background
C RTL New functions
C$_LONGJMP exception
cabs function
calloc function #1
calloc function #2
calloc function #3
Carriage control
        by Compaq C #1
        by Compaq C #2
Case conversion functions
Case preservation in file names
catclose function #1
catclose function #2
catgets function #1
catgets function #2
catopen function #1
catopen function #2
cbrt function
ceil function
cfree function #1
cfree function #2
cfree function #3
Character-classification functions #1
Character-classification functions #2
Character-classification functions #3
    program example
Character-conversion functions #1
Character-conversion functions #2
Character definition files
    location of
Character set conversion functions
Character sets
    converting between
    supported by Compaq C RTL
Charmap file
chdir function
Child process
    creating with vfork
    executing image
        with exec functions
    implementation of
    introduction to
    program examples
    sharing data with pipe #1
    sharing data with pipe #2
    synchronization with wait
chmod function
chown function
clear function #1
clear function #2
clearerr function
clearok function
clock function
close function
close socket routine
closedir function
clrattr function
clrattr macro
clrtobot function
clrtoeol function
Codeset converter functions
Communication support routines
Compaq C RTL
    2GB files
    32-bit group identifiers
    feature-enabling functions
    new functions
    ODS-5 support
    POSIX Root
    POSIX-style identifiers
Compaq C RTL
    See Run-Time Library (RTL)
Compaq C RTL
    UNIX Style File Name Support
confstr function
connect socket routine
Conversion specifications
    for I/O functions #1
    for I/O functions #2
        table of conversion specifiers
        table of optional characters
        table of characters
Converter functions
    filenaming conventions for
copysign function
cos function
cosh function
cot function
creat function #1
creat function #2
creat function #3
creat function #4
crmode function
ctermid function
ctime function #1
ctime function #2
    using with tzset function
ctime_r function
Cultural information
    stored in locale
curscr window
Curses #1
Curses #2
    cursor movement
    getting started #1
    getting started #2
    introduction to
    program example
    terminology #1
    terminology #2
    using predefined variables and constants
Curses functions
<curses.h> header file
cuserid function

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