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Reads input from the standard input ( stdin ) under control of the wide-character format string.


#include <wchar.h>

int wscanf (const wchar_t *format, ...);



A pointer to a wide-character string containing the format specifications. For more information about format and conversion specifications and their corresponding arguments, see Chapter 2.


Optional expressions whose results correspond to conversion specifications given in the format specification.

If no conversion specifications are given, you can omit the input pointers. Otherwise, the function calls must have exactly as many input pointers as there are conversion specifications, and the conversion specifications must match the types of the input pointers.

Conversion specifications are matched to input sources in left-to-right order. Excess input pointers, if any, are ignored.


The wscanf function is equivalent to the fwscanf function with the stdin arguments interposed before the wscanf arguments.

Return Values

n The number of input items assigned. The number can be less than provided for, even zero, in the event of an early matching failure.
EOF Indicates an error. An input failure occurred before any conversion.

y0, y1, yn (ALPHA, I64)

Compute Bessel functions of the second kind.


#include <math.h>

double y0 (double x);

float y0f (float x);

long double y0l (long double x);

double y1 (double x);

float y1f (float x);

long double y1l (long double x);

double yn (int n, double x);

float ynf (int n, float x);

long double ynl (int n, long double x);



A positive, real value.


An integer.


The y0 functions return the value of the Bessel function of the second kind of order 0.

The y1 functions return the value of the Bessel function of the second kind of order 1.

The yn functions return the value of the Bessel function of the second kind of order n.

Return Values

x The relevant Bessel value of x of the second kind.
- HUGE_VAL The x argument is 0.0; errno is set to ERANGE.
NaN The x argument is negative or NaN; errno is set to EDOM.
0 Underflow occurred; errno is set to ERANGE.
HUGE_VAL Overflow occurred; errno is set to ERANGE.

Appendix A
Version-Dependency Tables

New functions are added to the HP C Run-Time Library with each version of HP C. These functions are implemented and shipped with the OpenVMS operating system, while the documentation and header files containing their prototypes are shipped with versions of the HP C compiler.

You might have a newer version of HP C that has header files and documentation for functions that are not supported on your older OpenVMS system. For example, if your target operating system platform is OpenVMS Version 7.2, you cannot use HP C RTL functions introduced on OpenVMS Version 7.3, even though they are documented in this manual.

This appendix contains several tables that list what HP C RTL functions are supported on recent OpenVMS versions. This is helpful for determining the functions to avoid using on your target OpenVMS platforms.

Also, for HP C and C++ Version 5.6 and higher, a C RTL backport object library is included with the compiler distribution kit. The backport object library allows developers on older versions of OpenVMS to use the latest C run-time library functions. For more information, see the file SYS$LIBRARY:DECC$CRTL.README on your system.

A.1 Functions Available on all OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha Versions

Table A-1 lists functions available on all OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha versions.

Table A-1 Functions Available on All OpenVMS Systems
abort abs access acos
alarm asctime asin assert
atan2 atan atexit atof
atoi atoll (Alpha) atol atoq (Alpha)
box brk bsearch cabs
calloc ceil cfree chdir
chmod chown clearerr clock
close cosh cos creat
ctermid ctime cuserid decc$crtl_init
decc$fix_time decc$from_vms decc$match_wild decc$record_read
decc$record_write decc$set_reentrancy decc$to_vms decc$translate_vms
delete delwin difftime div
dup2 dup ecvt endwin
execle execlp execl execve
execvp execv exit _exit
exp fabs fclose fcvt
fdopen feof ferror fflush
fgetc fgetname fgetpos fgets
fileno floor fmod fopen
fprintf fputc fputs fread
free freopen frexp fscanf
fseek fsetpos fstat fsync
ftell ftime fwait fwrite
gcvt getchar getcwd getc
getegid getenv geteuid getgid
getname getpid getppid gets
getuid getw gmtime gsignal
hypot initscr isalnum isalpha
isapipe isascii isatty iscntrl
isdigit isgraph islower isprint
ispunct isspace isupper isxdigit
kill labs ldexp ldiv
llabs (Alpha) lldiv (Alpha) localeconv localtime
log10 log longjmp longname
lseek lwait malloc mblen
mbstowcs mbtowc memchr memcmp
memcpy memmove memset mkdir
mktemp mktime modf mvwin
mv[w]addstr newwin nice open
overlay overwrite pause perror
pipe pow printf putchar
putc puts putw qabs (Alpha)
qdiv (Alpha) qsort raise rand
read realloc remove rename
rewind sbrk scanf scroll
setbuf setgid setjmp setlocale
setuid setvbuf sigblock signal
sigpause sigstack (VAX) sigvec sinh
sin sleep sprintf sqrt
srand sscanf ssignal stat
strcat strchr strcmp strcoll
strcpy strcspn strerror strftime
strlen strncat strncmp strncpy
strpbrk strrchr strspn strstr
strtod strtok strtoll (Alpha) strtol
strtoq (Alpha) strtoull (Alpha) strtoul strtouq (Alpha)
strxfrm subwin system tanh
tan times time tmpfile
tmpnam toascii tolower _tolower
touchwin toupper _toupper ttyname
umask ungetc vaxc$calloc_opt vaxc$cfree_opt
vaxc$crtl_init vaxc$establish vaxc$free_opt vaxc$malloc_opt
vaxc$realloc_opt va_arg va_count va_end
va_start va_start_1 vfork vfprintf
vprintf vsprintf wait wcstombs
wctomb write [w]addch [w]addstr
[w]clear [w]clrattr [w]clrtobot [w]clrtoeol
[w]delch [w]deleteln [w]erase [w]getch
[w]getstr [w]inch [w]insch [w]insertln
[w]insstr [w]move [w]printw [w]refresh
[w]scanw [w]setattr [w]standend [w]standout

A.2 Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 6.2 and Higher

Table A-2 lists functions available on OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha Version 6.2 and higher.

Table A-2 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 6.2
catclose catgets catopen fgetwc
fgetws fputwc fputws getopt
getwc getwchar iconv iconv_close
iconv_open iswalnum iswalpha iswcntrl
iswctype iswdigit iswgraph iswlower
iswprint iswpunct iswspace iswupper
iswxdigit nl_langinfo putwc putwchar
strnlen strptime towlower towupper
ungetwc wcscat wcschr wcscmp
wcscoll wcscpy wcscspn wcsftime
wcslen wcsncat wcsncmp wcsncpy
wcspbrk wcsrchr wcsspn wcstol
wcstoul wcswcs wcswidth wcsxfrm
wcstod wctype wcwidth wcstok

A.3 Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 7.0 and Higher

Table A-3 lists functions available on OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.0 and higher.

Table A-3 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 7.0
basename bcmp bcopy btowc
bzero closedir confstr dirname
drand48 erand48 ffs fpathconf
ftruncate ftw fwide fwprintf
fwscanf getclock getdtablesize getitimer
getlogin getpagesize getpwnam getpwuid
gettimeofday index initstate jrand48
lcong48 lrand48 mbrlen mbrtowc
mbsinit mbsrtowcs memccpy mkstemp
mmap mprotect mrand48 msync
munmap nrand48 opendir pathconf
pclose popen putenv random
readdir rewinddir rindex rmdir
seed48 seekdir setenv setitimer
setstate sigaction sigaddset sigdelset
sigemptyset sigfillset sigismember siglongjmp
sigpending sigprocmask sigsetjmp sigsuspend
srand48 srandom strcasecmp strdup
strfmon strncasecmp strsep swab
swprintf swscanf sysconf telldir
tempnam towctrans truncate tzset
ualarm uname unlink unsetenv
usleep vfwprintf vswprintf vwprintf
wait3 wait4 waitpid wcrtomb
wcsrtombs wcsstr wctob wctrans
wmemchr wmemcmp wmemcpy wmemmove
wmemset wprintf wscanf  

A.4 Functions Available on OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.0 and Higher

Table A-4 lists functions available on OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.0 and higher.

Table A-4 Functions Added in OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.0
_basename32 _basename64 _bsearch32 _bsearch64
_calloc32 _calloc64 _catgets32 _catgets64
_ctermid32 _ctermid64 _cuserid32 _cuserid64
_dirname32 _dirname64 _fgetname32 _fgetname64
_fgets32 _fgets64 _fgetws32 _fgetws64
_gcvt32 _gcvt64 _getcwd32 _getcwd64
_getname32 _getname64 _gets32 _gets64
_index32 _index64 _longname32 _longname64
_malloc32 _malloc64 _mbsrtowcs32 _mbsrtowcs64
_memccpy32 _memccpy64 _memchr32 _memchr64
_memcpy32 _memcpy64 _memmove32 _memmove64
_memset32 _memset64 _mktemp32 _mktemp64
_mmap32 _mmap64 _qsort32 _qsort64
_realloc32 _realloc64 _rindex32 _rindex64
_strcat32 _strcat64 _strchr32 _strchr64
_strcpy32 _strcpy64 _strdup32 _strdup64
_strncat32 _strncat64 _strncpy32 _strncpy64
_strpbrk32 _strpbrk64 _strptime32 _strptime64
_strrchr32 _strrchr64 _strsep32 _strsep64
_strstr32 _strstr64 _strtod32 _strtod64
_strtok32 _strtok64 _strtol32 _strtol64
_strtoll32 _strtoll64 _strtoq32 _strtoq64
_strtoul32 _strtoul64 _strtoull32 _strtoull64
_strtouq32 _strtouq64 _tmpnam32 _tmpnam64
_wcscat32 _wcscat64 _wcschr32 _wcschr64
_wcscpy32 _wcscpy64 _wcsncat32 _wcsncat64
_wcsncpy32 _wcsncpy64 _wcspbrk32 _wcspbrk64
_wcsrchr32 _wcsrchr64 _wcsrtombs32 _wcsrtombs64
_wcsstr32 _wcsstr64 _wcstok32 _wcstok64
_wcstol32 _wcstol64 _wcstoul32 _wcstoul64
_wcswcs32 _wcswcs64 _wmemchr32 _wmemchr64
_wmemcpy32 _wmemcpy64 _wmemmove32 _wmemmove64
_wmemset32 _wmemset64    

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