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Appendix F
Universal Character Names for Identifiers

The following table lists the hexadecimal code values that are valid in universal character names in identifiers. Ranges that are part of the basic character sets are omitted.

Latin:         00AA, 00BA, 00C0-00D6, 00D8-00F6,  00F8-01F5,
               01FA-0217,  0250-02A8,  1E00-1E9B, 1EA0-1EF9,

Greek:         0386, 0388-038A, 038C, 038E-03A1,  03A3-03CE,
               03D0-03D6, 03DA, 03DC, 03DE, 03E0, 03E2-03F3,
               1F00-1F15, 1F18-1F1D,  1F20-1F45,  1F48-1F4D,
               1F50-1F57,   1F59,   1F5B,  1F5D,  1F5F-1F7D,
               1F80-1FB4, 1FB6-1FBC,  1FC2-1FC4,  1FC6-1FCC,
               1FD0-1FD3,  1FD6-1FDB,  1FE0-1FEC, 1FF2-1FF4,

Cyrillic:      0401-040C, 040E-044F,  0451-045C,  045E-0481,
               0490-04C4,  04C7-04C8,  04CB-04CC, 04D0-04EB,
               04EE-04F5, 04F8-04F9

Armenian:      0531-0556, 0561-0587

Hebrew:        05B0-05B9,   05BB-05BD,   05BF,    05C1-05C2,
               05D0-05EA, 05F0-05F2

Arabic:        0621-063A,  0640-0652,  0670-06B7, 06BA-06BE,
               06C0-06CE, 06D0-06DC, 06E5-06E8, 06EA-06ED

Devanagari:    0901-0903, 0905-0939,  093E-094D,  0950-0952,

Bengali:       0981-0983,  0985-098C,  098F-0990, 0993-09A8,
               09AA-09B0,   09B2,   09B6-09B9,    09BE-09C4,
               09C7-09C8,  09CB-09CD,  09DC-09DD, 09DF-09E3,

Gurmukhi:      0A02,   0A05-0A0A,   0A0F-0A10,    0A13-0A28,
               0A2A-0A30,  0A32-0A33,  0A35-0A36, 0A38-0A39,
               0A3E-0A42, 0A47-0A48,  0A4B-0A4D,  0A59-0A5C,
               0A5E, 0A74

Gujarati:      0A81-0A83,    0A85-0A8B,   0A8D,   0A8F-0A91,
               0A93-0AA8, 0AAA-0AB0,  0AB2-0AB3,  0AB5-0AB9,
               0ABD-0AC5, 0AC7-0AC9, 0ACB-0ACD, 0AD0, 0AE0

Oriya:         0B01-0B03,  0B05-0B0C,  0B0F-0B10, 0B13-0B28,
               0B2A-0B30, 0B32-0B33,  0B36-0B39,  0B3E-0B43,
               0B47-0B48, 0B4B-0B4D, 0B5C-0B5D, 0B5F-0B61

Tamil:         0B82-0B83,  0B85-0B8A,  0B8E-0B90, 0B92-0B95,
               0B99-0B9A,   0B9C,   0B9E-0B9F,    0BA3-0BA4,
               0BA8-0BAA,  0BAE-0BB5,  0BB7-0BB9, 0BBE-0BC2,
               0BC6-0BC8, 0BCA-0BCD

Telugu:        0C01-0C03, 0C05-0C0C,  0C0E-0C10,  0C12-0C28,
               0C2A-0C33,  0C35-0C39,  0C3E-0C44, 0C46-0C48,
               0C4A-0C4D, 0C60-0C61

Kannada:       0C82-0C83, 0C85-0C8C,  0C8E-0C90,  0C92-0CA8,
               0CAA-0CB3,  0CB5-0CB9,  0CBE-0CC4, 0CC6-0CC8,
               0CCA-0CCD, 0CDE, 0CE0-0CE1

Malayalam:     0D02-0D03, 0D05-0D0C,  0D0E-0D10,  0D12-0D28,
               0D2A-0D39,  0D3E-0D43,  0D46-0D48, 0D4A-0D4D,

Thai:          0E01-0E3A, 0E40-0E5B

Lao:           0E81-0E82,  0E84,  0E87-0E88,   0E8A,   0E8D,
               0E94-0E97,  0E99-0E9F, 0EA1-0EA3, 0EA5, 0EA7,
               0EAA-0EAB, 0EAD-0EAE,  0EB0-0EB9,  0EBB-0EBD,
               0EC0-0EC4, 0EC6, 0EC8-0ECD, 0EDC-0EDD

Tibetan:       0F00, 0F18-0F19, 0F35, 0F37, 0F39, 0F3E-0F47,
               0F49-0F69, 0F71-0F84,  0F86-0F8B,  0F90-0F95,
               0F97, 0F99-0FAD, 0FB1-0FB7, 0FB9

Georgian:      10A0-10C5, 10D0-10F6

Hiragana:      3041-3093, 309B-309C

Katakana:      30A1-30F6, 30FB-30FC

Bopomofo:      3105-312C

CJK Unified Ideographs: 4E00-9FA5

Hangul:        AC00-D7A3

Digits:        0660-0669,  06F0-06F9,  0966-096F, 09E6-09EF,
               0A66-0A6F, 0AE6-0AEF,  0B66-0B6F,  0BE7-0BEF,
               0C66-0C6F,  0CE6-0CEF,  0D66-0D6F, 0E50-0E59,
               0ED0-0ED9, 0F20-0F33

Special characters:   00B5, 00B7, 02B0-02B8, 02BB,  02BD-02C1,
                      02D0-02D1, 02E0-02E4, 037A, 0559, 093D, 0B3D,
                      1FBE, 203F-2040, 2102, 2107, 210A-2113, 2115,
                      2118-211D,   2124,   2126,  2128,  212A-2131,
                      2133-2138, 2160-2182, 3005-3007, 3021-3029

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