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0...Octal constant
0x...Hexadecimal constant
abort library function
abs library function
Abstract declarator
acos library function
Active position
+ (addition operator)
Additive inverse
Additive operator
    Compaq C behavior
Address-of operator (&)
Aggregate array
    See also Bracket operator ([ ])
Aggregate type
Aggregate variant
    predefined constants
Alignment unit
& (address operator)
&& (logical AND operator)
& (bitwise AND operator)
AND bitwise operator (&)
ANSI C Standard
    document information
ANSI C standard limits
ANSI compatible extensions of Compaq C
    common C extensions
    VAX C extensions
ANSI conformance
    main function argument
    array as argument
    conversion of function
    function as argument
    function prototype
    in #define preprocessor macros
    passing by value
    rules governing
    to a function
        header file
Argument promotions
    main function argument
    negation operator
Arithmetic conversion
Arithmetic type
    as argument
    as expression
    declaration of
    initialization #1
    initialization #2
    size determination
    variable length
Array declaration
Array pointer
Array storage
    row-major order
Array subscripts
Array type
Arrow operator (->)
ASCII character set
ASCII equivalence table
asctime library function
asin library function
<assert.h> header
assert macro
*= (assignment operator)
+= (assignment operator)
-= (assignment operator)
= (assignment operator)
Assignment operator #1
Assignment operator #2
    precedence of
Associativity of operator
Asterisk operator (*)
atan library function
atan2 library function
atexit library function
atof library function
atoi library function
atol library function
auto class
auto keyword
    used in declaration inside block
Automatic storage duration
Backslash continuation character
    in #define
Backslash-newline continuation
Basic concepts of C
Basic data types
Binary operator
    precedence of
    common C data types
Bit field
    creation of
    declaration syntax
    OpenVMS VAX alignment
    ULTRIX RISC alignment
Bitwise negation operator ( ~ )
Bitwise operator
| (bitwise OR operator)
Bitwise shift operator
^ (bitwise XOR operator)
Block scope
Block statement
bool macro
Boolean type and values
    header file
:[,] (bracket operator)
Bracket operator (:[,])
break statement
    from switch statement
bsearch library function
C language
    list of operators
C lexicon
C library
cabs library functions
cacos library functions
cacosh library functions
calloc library function
carg library functions
case label
casin library functions
casinh library functions
( ) (cast operator)
Cast operator
    Compaq C behavior
catan library functions
catanh library functions
ccos library functions
ccosh library functions
ceil library function
cexp library functions
    data type
        See also Array
Character constant
    Compaq C specific
Character display
Character escape sequence
    list #1
    list #2
Character object declaration
Character processing
    header file
Character set
Character string
Character type
cimag library functions
clearerr library function
clock library function
clock_t type
clog library functions
, (comma operator)
Comma operator ( , )
    precedence of
Command-line argument
Comment #1
Comment #2
Common C extensions of Compaq C
Common definition
    header file
Compatible type
Compilation unit
    data sharing
Complete type
Complex arithmetic
    header file
Complex data type
<complex.h> header
complex macro
Composite type
Compound assignment operator
Compound literal
Compound statement
Conditional compilation #1
Conditional compilation #2
Conditional inclusion
?: (conditional operator)
Conditional operator (?:)
    precedence of
Conditional statement #1
Conditional statement #2
Conforming implementation
Conforming program
conj library functions
    in pointer declaration
    in variable declaration
const type qualifier
    discussed #1
    discussed #2
Constant expression
    address constant
    identifiers in #define macros
Constructor expression
    logical line
    string termination
Continuation character
    in #define
continue statement
Control characters
    arithmetic data-type
    function argument
    function prototype present
    of data types
    usual arithmetic
    with cast operator
cos library function
cosh library function
cpow library functions
cproj library functions
creal library functions
csin library functions
csinh library functions
csqrt library functions
ctan library functions
ctanh library functions
ctime library function
<ctype.h> header
Current object

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