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Compaq C
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        function-like form
        naming parameters in
        object-like form
        # operator
        ## operator
        possible side effects
        system identification
    substitution within #include directives
Macro expansion, in pragmas
Macro names
Main function
    passing parameter
    with main_program option
main_program option #1
main_program option #2
malloc library function
<math.h> header
Math, type-generic
    header file
    header file
mblen library function
mbstowcs library function
mbtowc library function
MB_CUR_MAX macro
    variant aggregate
memchr library function
memcmp library function
memcpy library function
memmove library function
memset library function
mktime library function
modf library function
Modifiable lvalue
    storage class
#module directive
Multibyte character
    Compaq C
Multidimensional array
* (multiplication operator)
Multiplicative operator
Multiplicative operator (*)
Name space
NAN macro
Nesting of #include lines
New-line character
New style parameter declaration
Nonlocal jump
    header file
Not-equal-to operator (!=)
Notational conventions
Null character
NULL macro
Null pointer
    automatic initialization
    used with the equality operator
null (#) preprocessing directive
Null statement
Numeric escape sequence #1
Numeric escape sequence #2
Numerical limit
Numerical limits
Octal constant
Octal digits 8 and 9 #1
Octal digits 8 and 9 #2
offsetof macro
Old-style function declaration
    combined with prototype style
Old style parameter declaration
    comparison with prototype style
One's complement operator ( ~ )
Operand conversion
## operator
    assignment #1
    assignment #2
        arithmetic negation
        bitwise negation
        increment and decrement
        logical negation
OR bitwise operator (|)
Original declaration

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