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Read Before Installing or Using Compaq C Version 6.4 for OpenVMS VAX Systems

Order Number: AV--PXWYK--TE

Whether you are a new customer or a continuing customer with a Software Product Services (SPS) contract, please take time to read the following information about your product.

News for Application Developers

If you are interested in using Compaq C to build client/server applications that interoperate with Windows® based systems, please see the release notes for important information on a Compaq product called The Application Developer's Package for C/C++.

Installation Information

Installing this product requires the OpenVMS VAX® operating system Version 5.5-2 or higher. The installation kit contains media for installing the Compaq C compiler, as well as the Compaq C/C++ Run-Time Components Version 6.0 for OpenVMS VAX Systems.

Installing the compiler requires 100,000 blocks of free disk space (180,000 blocks to also install the documentation). Installing the Compaq C/C++ Run-Time Components kit requires 17,000 blocks.

To use Compaq C on systems running OpenVMS VAX Version 5.5-2 or 6.0, you must install the Compaq C/C++ Run-Time Components kit in a separate step before installing the compiler. OpenVMS VAX versions higher than 6.0 require that you install only the compiler.

Release Notes Information

The release notes for Compaq C Version 6.4 contain important installation-related instructions and a summary of technical changes, new features, differences, known problems, corrected errors, performance enhancements, documentation notes, restrictions, and incompatibilities.

To read the release notes before installing Compaq C, invoke VMSINSTAL and follow the instructions in the installation guide.

After installing Compaq C, the release notes for the compiler are located in:


You can locate the release notes after installing Compaq C by entering the following DCL command:


© 2001 Compaq Computer Corporation.

License Registration

Before you install and run Compaq C Version 6.4 on a newly licensed node or cluster, you must first register a License Product Authorization Key (License PAK) using the License Management Facility (LMF). The License PAK may be shipped along with the kit if you ordered the license and media together; otherwise, it is shipped separately to a location based on your license order. If you are installing Compaq C as an update on a node or cluster already licensed for this software, you have already completed the License PAK registration requirements.

If you are installing prerequisite or optional software along with Compaq C, review the PAK status and install the PAKs for any prerequisite or optional software before you install Compaq C.

Dependent Product Redistribution Information

The Compaq C/C++ Run-Time Components kit contains shareable image run-time components. When the Compaq C kit is installed on OpenVMS VAX Version 5.5-2 systems, some of the shareable image run-time components replace older versions of existing OpenVMS components.

Compaq has engineered the Compaq C/C++ Run-Time Components kit specifically to allow redistribution with any application that uses one or more of these components. Redistributing this kit requires that the kit and its documentation be shipped to the remote site receiving any such application. See the Compaq C/C++ Run-Time Components for OpenVMS VAX Reference and Installation Guide for detailed installation and redistribution instructions.

Contents of This Kit

  • Indented Bill Report (BIL) and Bill of Materials (BOM)
    Please read the BIL and BOM in this kit and check to see that all items listed are actually in your kit. If your kit is damaged or any items are missing, call your Compaq representative.
  • Media and Online Documentation Files
    If you ordered media, you will find the media and the Compaq C Installation Guide for OpenVMS VAX Systems in this kit. Consult this guide for information about installing Compaq C on your VAX system.
    The Software Product Library media CD-ROM (CD) set includes the Compaq C installation save sets in directory [CC064.KIT], the online documentation files in [CC064.DOCUMENTATION], and a CD-ROM user's guide.
    The tape media includes the Compaq C save set and the online documentation files. To copy the files from the tape, see the Copying Documentation Files from Tape Media section.
  • Software Product Description (SPD)
    The SPD provides an overview of the Compaq C kit and its features, as well as the technical environment in which the product is supported.
  • Documentation
    Depending on your order, this kit may include copies of the following Compaq C manuals:
    • Compaq C Installation Guide for OpenVMS VAX Systems
    • Compaq C Migration Guide for OpenVMS VAX Systems
    • Compaq C User's Guide for OpenVMS Systems
    • Compaq C Run-Time Library Reference Manual for OpenVMS Systems
    • Compaq C Language Reference Manual

    The Compaq C Installation Guide for OpenVMS VAX Systems is also provided on the media in PostScript® (.PS) and ASCII text (.TXT) format.
    The Compaq C documentation is also available on the Online Documentation Library CD-ROM.

Copying Documentation Files from Tape Media

The following documentation files on tape media are supplied in both PostScript® form (file type .PS) and ASCII form (file type .TXT):

DEC_C_VAX_IG_V64 The Compaq C installation guide
DEC_C_VAX_RBI_V64 This "read first" letter
CRT060_REF_INST The Compaq C/C++ Run-Time Components reference and installation guide
253830 The Compaq C SPD

For example, you can use the following commands to copy the Compaq C SPD from the Compaq C media tape physically loaded on drive MUA0:

$ COPY/LOG MUA0:253830.TXT


A variety of service and support options are available from Compaq. For more information, contact your local Compaq sales office.

A Final Note

We appreciate your comments and suggestions about Compaq C documentation. If you find errors or want to make comments about the documentation, you can send electronic mail to:



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