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Content starts here HP C V7.3 for OpenVMS Alpha Release Notes

HP C V7.3 for OpenVMS Alpha Release Notes


Contents (summary)


     1     Introduction
     2     Installation Notes
         2.1         Installation Requirements
         2.2         Header Files
         2.3         Startup Procedure
     3     Migrating from VAX C to HP C
     4     Installing and Using Multiple Compiler Versions
         4.1         Displaying and selecting the compiler version
         4.2         Side effects and restrictions on multiple versions
         4.3         Installation Procedure Changes
         4.4         Sample installation fragment
     5     Enhancements and bug fixes
         5.1         Enhancements in V7.3
         5.2         Enhancements in V7.1
         5.3         Enhancements in V6.5
         5.4         Enhancements in V6.4A
         5.5         Enhancements in V6.4
         5.6         Enhancements in V6.2
         5.7         Enhancements in V6.0
         5.8         Enhancements in V5.7
         5.9         Enhancements in V5.6
         5.10         Enhancements in V5.5
         5.11         Enhancements in V5.3
             5.11.1             Changes to #include processing in V5.3
         5.12         Enhancements in V5.2
             5.12.1             Changes in DEC C RTL Header Files for V5.2 of DEC C/C++
         5.13         Enhancements in V5.0
         5.14         Enhancements in V4.1
         5.15         Enhancements since V1.3A
         5.16         Problems fixed in V7.3
         5.17         Problems fixed in V7.1
         5.18         Problems fixed in V6.5
         5.19         Problems fixed in V6.4A
         5.20         Problems fixed in V6.4
         5.21         Problems fixed in V6.2A ECO kit 4
         5.22         Problems fixed in V6.2A
         5.23         Problems fixed in V6.2
         5.24         Problems fixed in V6.0
         5.25         Problems fixed in V5.7
         5.26         Problems fixed in V5.6
         5.27         Problems fixed in V5.5
         5.28         Problems fixed in V5.3
         5.29         Problems fixed in V5.2
         5.30         Problems fixed in V5.0
         5.31         Problems fixed in V4.1
         5.32         Problems fixed since V1.3A
     6     Support for STDARG.H and VARARGS.H
     7     Debugger support
     8     64 bit support
     9     Restrictions and known bugs
1 New DEC C V5.2 Header Files

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