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Compaq C V6.4 for OpenVMS VAX Release Notes


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     1     Product name change: DEC C -> Compaq C
     2     News for Application Developers
     3     Introduction
     4     Redistribution of Run-Time Libraries
         4.1         Redistribution of the AACRT060.A Run-Time Components Kit
         4.2         Redistribution of the DECC$CRTL.OLB Object Library
     5     Installation Notes
         5.1         The startup procedure
         5.2         The CC command
         5.3         The Compaq C/C++ Run Time Components kit
         5.4         Installing both Compaq C and VAX C
         5.5         Installing both Compaq C and Compaq C++
     6     Installing and Using Multiple Compiler Versions
         6.1         Displaying and selecting the compiler version
         6.2         Side effects and restrictions on multiple versions
         6.3         Installation Procedure Changes
         6.4         Sample installation fragment
     7     Compaq C for OpenVMS VAX Release Notes
         7.1         New Features in Compaq C V6.4
         7.2         New Features in Compaq C V6.2
         7.3         New Features in DEC C V6.0
         7.4         New Features in DEC C V5.7
         7.5         New Features in DEC C V5.6
         7.6         New Features in DEC C V5.5
         7.7         New Features in DEC C V5.3
         7.8         Changes to #include processing in DEC C V5.3
         7.9         New Features in DEC C V5.2
         7.10         Changes in DEC C RTL Header Files for V5.2 of DEC C/C++
         7.11         New Features in DEC C V5.0
         7.12         New Features in DEC C V4.0
         7.13         Problems fixed in Compaq C V6.4
         7.14         Problems fixed in Compaq C V6.2
         7.15         Problems fixed in DEC C V6.0
         7.16         Problems fixed in DEC C V5.7
         7.17         Problems fixed in DEC C V5.6
         7.18         Problems fixed in DEC C V5.5
         7.19         Problems fixed in DEC C V5.3
         7.20         Problems fixed in DEC C V5.2
         7.21         Problems fixed in DEC C V5.0
         7.22         Problems Fixed in V4.0-01
         7.23         Restrictions and known bugs
1 New DEC C V5.2 Header Files

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