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The CXXDEMANGLE command enables you to decode compiler-generated names. To accomplish this, CXXDEMANGLE uses a data file created by the C++ compiler when you compile a program. The data file contains a mapping of symbol names from their encoded to decoded forms. When asked to decode a name that is not the data file, CXXDEMANGLE returns the original name.

CXXDEMANGLE provides two interfaces: a command line interface and an interactive interface.

o To use the command line interface, enter the CXXDEMANGLE command followed by a comma-separated list of symbol names in their mangled form. CXXDEMANGLE then displays the demangled form of each symbol and exits. The syntax for the command line interface is:

CXXDEMANGLE mangled-symbol-name [,...]

o To use the interactive interface, enter the CXXDEMANGLE command without specifying a symbol name. CXXDEMANGLE then waits for you to enter a symbol name in its mangled form. When you enter a symbol, CXXDEMANGLE displays the demangled form of the symbol and waits for you to enter another symbol, and so forth. To exit the interactive interface, enter <CTRL/Z>. The syntax for the interactive interface is:

CXXDEMANGLE mangled-symbol-name [...] <CRTL/Z>

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