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Guide to OpenVMS File Applications

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Chapter 7
7 File Sharing and Buffering
     7.1     File Accessing
         7.1.1         Types of File Sharing and Record Streams
         7.1.2         Interlocked Interprocess File Sharing
         7.1.3         User-Interlocked Interprocess File Sharing
     7.2     Record Locking
         7.2.1         Default Record Locking
         7.2.2         Record-Locking Options
                Exclusive Locking
                Write Locking
                Read Locking
                No Locking (Query Locking)
                No Query Record Locking Option (Alpha Only)
                Put Service Considerations
         7.2.3         Handling Record-Locking Conflicts
                Handling the Record-Locked Error
                Waiting for Locked Records
                Reading Regardless of Lock
         7.2.4         Miscellaneous Record-Locking Options
                Manual-Unlocking Option
                Lock-Nonexistent-Record Option
         7.2.5         Record-Locking Deadlocks
                Record Locking Options to Control Deadlock Detection
     7.3     Local and Shared Buffering Techniques
         7.3.1         Record Transfer Modes
         7.3.2         Understanding Buffering
         7.3.3         Buffering for Sequential Files
         7.3.4         Buffering for Relative Files
         7.3.5         Buffering for Indexed Files
         7.3.6         Using Global Buffers for Shared Files
                Enhancing Global Buffer Performance
Chapter 8
8 Record Processing
     8.1     Record Operations
     8.2     Primary Services
         8.2.1         Locating and Retrieving Records
         8.2.2         Inserting Records
         8.2.3         Updating Records
         8.2.4         Deleting Records
     8.3     Secondary Services
     8.4     Record Access for the Various File Organizations
         8.4.1         Processing Sequential Files
                Sequential Access
                Random Access
         8.4.2         Processing Relative Files
                Sequential Access
                Random Access
         8.4.3         Processing Indexed Files
                Sequential Access
                Random Access
         8.4.4         Access by Record File Address (RFA)
     8.5     Block Input/Output
     8.6     Current Record Context
         8.6.1         Current-Record Position
         8.6.2         Next-Record Position
     8.7     Synchronous and Asynchronous Operations
         8.7.1         Using Synchronous Operations
         8.7.2         Using Asynchronous Operations
Chapter 9
9 Run-Time Options
     9.1     Specifying Run-Time Options
         9.1.1         Using the Edit/FDL Utility
         9.1.2         Using Language Statements and RMS
     9.2     Options Related to Opening and Closing Files
         9.2.1         File Access and Sharing Options
         9.2.2         File Specifications
         9.2.3         File Performance Options
                Extension Size
                Window Size
                Summary of Performance Options
         9.2.4         Record Access Options
         9.2.5         Options for Adding Records
         9.2.6         Options for Data Reliability
         9.2.7         Options for File Disposition
         9.2.8         Options for Indexed Files
         9.2.9         Options for Magnetic Tape Processing
         9.2.10         Options for Nonstandard File Processing
     9.3     Summary of Record Operation Options
         9.3.1         Record Retrieval Options
         9.3.2         Put Service Options
         9.3.3         Record Update Options
         9.3.4         Record Deletion Options
     9.4     Run-Time Example

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