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DECram for OpenVMS Installation Guide

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Installing DECram for OpenVMS Version 3.1
Appendix A Supplementary Information


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Installing DECram for OpenVMS Version 3.1
     1.1     Preparing to Install DECram Version 3.1
     1.2     License Registration
     1.3     Installation Procedure Requirements
         1.3.1         Privileges and Disk Space
         1.3.2         OpenVMS Alpha System Parameters
         1.3.3         Backing Up Your System Disk
     1.4     Installing DECram for OpenVMS
         1.4.1         Installation Procedure
         1.4.2         Installing Over Version 2.3
         1.4.3         Installation and Licensing in a Clustered Environment
     1.5     Stopping or Starting the Installation Procedure
     1.6     Recovering from Installation Errors
     1.7     Installation Files
     1.8     Sample Local DECram Installation
Appendix A
Appendix A Supplementary Information
     A.1     Error Recovery
     A.2     Error Messages and Explanations
         A.2.1         DUPINVALID Message
         A.2.2         DECram Driver Message
         A.2.3         NOLICENSE Message
         A.2.4         OpenVMS Version Message
         A.2.5         IVP Message
     A.3     Installed Files
     A.4     Sample Installation of a Shared DECram Disk
     A.5     Removing DECram

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