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HP DECwindows Motif
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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 General User Features
Chapter 3 System Management Features
Chapter 4 Programming Features


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
Chapter 2
2 General User Features
     2.1     OpenVMS Display Device and Layered Product Interfaces
         2.1.1         Enhanced DECwindows Motif Display Device Capabilities
         2.1.2         Additional Display Device Logicals for Default Transport and Name Count Values
     2.2     General DECwindows Motif Environment
         2.2.1         Extended File Specification (EFS) Support
                File Selection Popup Window
                New Desktop and the FileView Application
                Traditional Desktop and the File Manager Application
                The Programming Libraries
                Translated Image Support (TIS) Library
         2.2.2         Color Customizer Example Program
                Supported Displays
                Supported Applications
                Building the Color Customizer on OpenVMS Systems
                Running the Color Customizer
                Modifying the DECW$LOGIN.COM File
                Command Interface Summary
                Changing the Mapping Between Color Resources and Color Cells
                Using the Customizer with DECterm Windows
                Changing the Default Value of the Automatic Shadowing Toggle Button
                Using the Customizer on Multihead Systems
                Using the XSETROOT_CUST.EXE Demonstration Program
         2.2.3         Drag and Drop Support
         2.2.4         Tear-Off Menu Support
     2.3     New Desktop Environment
         2.3.1         Support for UNIX-Style Filenames
                Enabling in the File Selection Dialog Box
                Enabling in the File Manager (DTFILE)
         2.3.2         Screen Saver and Screen Lock Support
         2.3.3         Updated Welcome Message
         2.3.4         Selecting Screens on Application Launch
         2.3.5         Front Panel Icons Support MB3 Operations
         2.3.6         Detached Processes
         2.3.7         Viewing Reference Pages
     2.4     Traditional Desktop Environment
         2.4.1         Resource Added for DECwindows XUI Applications
     2.5     Applications
         2.5.1         Bookreader
                Bookreader Printing Improved
         2.5.2         CDA Viewer
                Using the CDA Viewer to View Asian-Language Text
                        Specifying an Options File
                        Defining Logical Names
                Converting Files That Contain Asian-Language Characters
                Dynamic Font Support
                Enhanced Display Performance
                Pack and Unpack Applications
                        Pack Application Syntax
                        Unpack Application Syntax
                        Error Messages
                New CDA Viewer Error Message
                WRITE$FONTS Logical Name
         2.5.3         Clock
                DECsound Alarm Capability
         2.5.4         DECterm
                Overlay Support
                New Default Font Sizes
                Scrolling Using the Keyboard
                ReGIS Input Cursors and Escape Sequences
                Support for Local Echo Mode
                Answerback Message Support
                Seven-Bit Printer Support
                Automatic Window Positioning
     2.6     Tools and Utilities
         2.6.1         AccessX Keyboard Utility (accessx)
                The AccessX Configuration File
                Default Resource Settings
         2.6.2         X Authority Utility (xauth)
                The X Authority File
                        Format of an X Authority File Entry
                        Specifying an X Authority File
                Invoking xauth and Entering Commands
                Accessing Online Help
                Creating an X Authority File
                Displaying File Information
                Viewing and Editing X Authority Entries
                Generating Authorization Keys
         2.6.3         X Keyboard Compiler Utility (xkbcomp)
                The X Keyboard Components Database
         2.6.4         Window Dump to Print File (xpr) Utility

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