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HP OpenVMS Delta/XDelta Debugger Manual

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Invoking, Exiting, and Setting Breakpoints
Chapter 2 DELTA and XDELTA Symbols and Expressions
Chapter 3 Debugging Programs
Chapter 4 DELTA/XDELTA Commands
Appendix A Sample DELTA Debug Session on VAX
Appendix B Sample DELTA Debug Session on Alpha


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Invoking, Exiting, and Setting Breakpoints
     1.1     Overview of the DELTA and XDELTA Debuggers
     1.2     Privileges Required for Running DELTA
     1.3     Guidelines for Using XDELTA
     1.4     Invoking DELTA
     1.5     Exiting from DELTA
     1.6     Invoking XDELTA
     1.7     Requesting an Interrupt
         1.7.1         Requesting Interrupts on VAX Computers
         1.7.2         Requesting Interrupts on Alpha Computers
         1.7.3         Requesting Interrupts on Intel® Itanium® Computers
     1.8     Accessing the Initial Breakpoint
     1.9     Proceeding from Initial XDELTA Breakpoints
     1.10     Exiting from XDELTA
Chapter 2
2 DELTA and XDELTA Symbols and Expressions
     2.1     Symbols Supplied by DELTA and XDELTA
     2.2     Floating Point Register Support
     2.3     Forming Numeric Expressions
Chapter 3
3 Debugging Programs
     3.1     Referencing Addresses
         3.1.1         Referencing Addresses (VAX Only)
         3.1.2         Referencing Addresses (Alpha and I64 Only)
     3.2     Referencing Registers
         3.2.1         Referencing Registers (VAX Only)
         3.2.2         Referencing Registers (Alpha Only)
         3.2.3         Referencing Registers (I64 Only)
     3.3     Interpreting the Error Message
     3.4     Debugging Kernel Mode Code Under Certain Conditions
         3.4.1         Setup Required (VAX Only)
         3.4.2         Setup Required (Alpha Only)
         3.4.3         Accessing XDELTA
     3.5     Debugging an Installed, Protected, Shareable Image
     3.6     Using XDELTA on Multiprocessor Computers
     3.7     Debugging Code When Single-Stepping Fails (Alpha Only)
     3.8     Debugging Code that Does Not Match the Compiler Listings (Alpha and I64 Only)
Chapter 4
     4.1     Command Usage Summary
    Command 1     [(Set Display Mode)
    Command 2     / (Open Location and Display Contents in Prevailing Width Mode)
    Command 3     ! (Open Location and Display Contents in Instruction Mode)
    Command 4     " (Open Location and Display Contents in ASCII)
    Command 5     ESC (Open Location and Display Previous Location)
    Command 6     EXIT (Exit from DELTA Debugging Session)
    Command 7     LINEFEED (Close Current Location, Open Next)
    Command 8     RETURN (Close Current Location)
    Command 9     TAB (Open Location and Display Indirect Location)
    Command 10     ;B (Breakpoint)
    Command 11     ;C (Force the system to bugcheck and crash) (Alpha and I64Only)
    Command 12     ;D (Dump) (Alpha and I64)
    Command 13     ;E (Execute Command String)
    Command 14     ;G (Go)
    Command 15     ;H (Video Terminal Display Command) (Alpha and I64 Only)
    Command 16     ;I (List Information About the Current Main Image and Its Shareable Images) (Alpha Only)
    Command 17     ;L (List Names and Locations of Loaded Executive Images)
    Command 18     ;M (Set All Processes Writable)
    Command 19     ;P (Proceed from Breakpoint)
    Command 20     ;Q (Validate Queue) (Alpha and I64 Only)
    Command 21     ;T (Display Interrupt Stack Frame ) (I64 Only)
    Command 22     ;W (List Name and Location of a Single Loaded Image) (Alpha and I64 Only)
    Command 23     ;X (Load Base Register)
    Command 24     O (Step Instruction over Subroutine)
    Command 25     S (Step Instruction)
    Command 26     ' (Deposit ASCII String)
    Command 27     = (Display Value of Expression)
    Command 28     \string\ (Immediate mode text display command) (Alpha and I64 Only)
Appendix A
Appendix A Sample DELTA Debug Session on VAX
Appendix B
Appendix B Sample DELTA Debug Session on Alpha
A-1 Program for Getting LOGINTIMs
A-2 LOGINTIM Program .Map File
A-3 DELTA Debugging Session Example
B-1 Listing File for LOG: C Source Code
B-2 Listing File for LOG: Machine Code
B-3 .MAP File for the Sample Program
B-4 DELTA Debugging Session of the Sample Program
1-1 Boot Command Qualifier Values
2-1 DELTA/XDELTA Symbols for OpenVMS VAX systems
2-2 DELTA/XDELTA Symbols for OpenVMS Alpha systems
2-3 DELTA/XDELTA Symbols for OpenVMS I64 systems
2-4 Floating Point Register Support by Platform
2-5 Arithmetic Operators
4-1 DELTA/XDELTA Command Summary (All platforms)
4-2 DELTA/XDELTA Command Summary (Alpha and I64 Only)
4-3 DELTA/XDELTA Command Summary (I64 Only)

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