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HP OpenVMS Command Definition, Librarian, and Message Utilities Manual

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Command Definition Utility
Chapter 2 Librarian Utility
Chapter 3 Message Utility


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Command Definition Utility
          CDU Description
     1.1     Command Processing
         1.1.1         Command String Components
         1.1.2         System and Process Command Tables
     1.2     Using CDU
     1.3     Choosing a Table
         1.3.1         Modifying Your Process Command Table
         1.3.2         Adding a System Command
         1.3.3         Creating an Object Module
     1.4     Writing a Command Definition File
         1.4.1         Defining Syntax
         1.4.2         Defining Values
                Built-In Value Types
                User-Defined Keywords
         1.4.3         Defining Command Verbs
         1.4.4         Disallowing Entity Combinations
                Specifying Expression Entities
         1.4.5         Identifying Object Modules
     1.5     Processing Command Definition Files
         1.5.1         Adding Command Definitions to a Command Table
         1.5.2         Deleting Command Definitions
         1.5.3         Creating Object Modules
         1.5.4         Creating New Command Tables
     1.6     Using Command Language Routines
          CDU Usage Summary
          CDU File Statements
          DEFINE TYPE
          DEFINE VERB
          CDU Qualifiers
          CDU Examples
Chapter 2
2 Librarian Utility
          LIBRARIAN Description
     2.1     Types of Libraries
     2.2     Structure of Libraries
     2.3     Character Case of Library Keys
     2.4     Shareable Image Libraries
     2.5     Help Libraries
         2.5.1         Creating Help Files
         2.5.2         Formatting Help Files
         2.5.3         Help Text Example
         2.5.4         Retrieving Help Text
     2.6     Using the Librarian Utility to Save Disk Space
     2.7     Librarian Utility (LBR) Routines
          LIBRARIAN Usage Summary
          LIBRARIAN Qualifiers
          /ALPHA (VAX and Alpha only)
          /VAX (VAX and Alpha only)
Chapter 3
3 Message Utility
          MESSAGE Description
     3.1     Message Format
     3.2     Constructing Messages
         3.2.1         The Message Source File
         3.2.2         Compiling the Message Source File
         3.2.3         Linking the Message Object Module
     3.3     Using Message Pointers
     3.4     The SET MESSAGE Command
     3.5     Message Source Files
          MESSAGE Usage Summary
          MESSAGE Qualifiers
          MESSAGE Commands
          Base Message Number Directive
          End Directive
          Facility Directive
          Identification Directive
          Literal Directive
          Message Definition
          Page Directive
          Severity Directive
          Title Directive
          MESSAGE Examples

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