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Chapter 2
2 Handling Numeric Data
     2.1     How the Compiler Stores Numeric Data
     2.2     Specifying Alignment
     2.3     Sign Conventions
     2.4     Invalid Values in Numeric Items
     2.5     Evaluating Numeric Items
         2.5.1         Numeric Relation Test
         2.5.2         Numeric Sign Test
         2.5.3         Numeric Class Tests
         2.5.4         Success/Failure Tests
     2.6     Using the MOVE Statement
         2.6.1         Elementary Numeric Moves
         2.6.2         Elementary Numeric-Edited Moves
         2.6.3         Subscripted Moves
         2.6.4         Common Move Errors
     2.7     Using the Arithmetic Statements
         2.7.1         Temporary Work Items
         2.7.2         Standard and Native Arithmetic (Alpha, I64)
                Using the /MATH_INTERMEDIATE Qualifier (Alpha, I64)
                Using the /ARITHMETIC Qualifier (Alpha, I64)
         2.7.3         Specifying a Truncation Qualifier
         2.7.4         Using the ROUNDED Phrase
                ROUNDED with REMAINDER
         2.7.5         Using the SIZE ERROR Phrase
         2.7.6         Using the GIVING Phrase
         2.7.7         Multiple Operands in ADD and SUBTRACT Statements
         2.7.8         Common Errors in Arithmetic Statements
Chapter 3
3 Handling Nonnumeric Data
     3.1     How the Compiler Stores Nonnumeric Data
     3.2     Data Organization
         3.2.1         Group Items
         3.2.2         Elementary Items
     3.3     Special Characters
     3.4     Testing Nonnumeric Items
         3.4.1         Relation Tests of Nonnumeric Items
                Classes of Data
                Comparison Operations
         3.4.2         Class Tests for Nonnumeric Items
     3.5     Data Movement
     3.6     Using the MOVE Statement
         3.6.1         Group Moves
         3.6.2         Elementary Moves
                Edited Moves
                Justified Moves
         3.6.3         Multiple Receiving Items
         3.6.4         Subscripted Moves
         3.6.5         Common Nonnumeric Item MOVE Statement Errors
         3.6.6         Using the MOVE CORRESPONDING Statement for Nonnumeric Items
         3.6.7         Using Reference Modification

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