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Chapter 4
4 Handling Tables
     4.1     Defining Tables
         4.1.1         Defining Fixed-Length, One-Dimensional Tables
         4.1.2         Defining Fixed-Length, Multidimensional Tables
         4.1.3         Defining Variable-Length Tables
         4.1.4         Storage Allocation for Tables
                Using the SYNCHRONIZED Clause
     4.2     Initializing Values of Table Elements
     4.3     Accessing Table Elements
         4.3.1         Subscripting
         4.3.2         Subscripting with Literals
         4.3.3         Subscripting with Data Names
         4.3.4         Subscripting with Indexes
         4.3.5         Relative Indexing
         4.3.6         Index Data Items
         4.3.7         Assigning Index Values Using the SET Statement
                Assigning an Integer Index Value with a SET Statement
                Incrementing an Index Value with the SET Statement
         4.3.8         Identifying Table Elements Using the SEARCH Statement
                Implementing a Sequential Search
                Implementing a Binary Search
Chapter 5
5 Using the STRING, UNSTRING, and INSPECT Statements
     5.1     Concatenating Data Using the STRING Statement
         5.1.1         Multiple Sending Items
         5.1.2         Using the DELIMITED BY Phrase
         5.1.3         Using the POINTER Phrase
         5.1.4         Using the OVERFLOW Phrase
         5.1.5         Common STRING Statement Errors
     5.2     Separating Data Using the UNSTRING Statement
         5.2.1         Multiple Receiving Items
         5.2.2         Controlling Moved Data Using the DELIMITED BY Phrase
                Multiple Delimiters
         5.2.3         Using the COUNT Phrase
         5.2.4         Saving UNSTRING Delimiters Using the DELIMITER Phrase
         5.2.5         Controlling UNSTRING Scanning Using the POINTER Phrase
         5.2.6         Counting UNSTRING Receiving Items Using the TALLYING Phrase
         5.2.7         Exiting an UNSTRING Statement Using the OVERFLOW Phrase
         5.2.8         Common UNSTRING Statement Errors
     5.3     Examining and Replacing Characters Using the INSPECT Statement
         5.3.1         Using the TALLYING and REPLACING Options of the INSPECT Statement
         5.3.2         Restricting Data Inspection Using the BEFORE/AFTER Phrase
         5.3.3         Implicit Redefinition
         5.3.4         Examining the INSPECT Operation
                Setting the Scanner
                Active/Inactive Arguments
                Finding an Argument Match
         5.3.5         The TALLYING Phrase
                The Tally Counter
                The Tally Argument
                The Tally Argument List
                Interference in Tally Argument Lists
         5.3.6         Using the REPLACING Phrase
                The Search Argument
                The Replacement Value
                The Replacement Argument
                The Replacement Argument List
                Interference in Replacement Argument Lists
         5.3.7         Using the CONVERTING Option
         5.3.8         Common INSPECT Statement Errors

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