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Chapter 16
16 Managing Memory and Data Access
     16.1     Managing Memory Granularity (Alpha, I64)
     16.2     Using the VOLATILE Compiler Directive (Alpha, I64)
     16.3     Aligning Data for Performance and Compatibility (Alpha, I64)
         16.3.1         Data Boundaries (Alpha, I64)
         16.3.2         Data Field Padding (Alpha, I64)
         16.3.3         Alignment Directives, Qualifiers, and Flags (Alpha, I64)
         16.3.4         Specifying Alignment at Compile Time (Alpha, I64)
     16.4     Using Alignment Directives, Qualifiers, and Flags (Alpha, I64)
         16.4.1         Order of Alignment Operations (Alpha, I64)
         16.4.2         Nesting Alignment Directives (Alpha, I64)
                SYNCHRONIZED Clause
         16.4.3         Comparing Alignment Directive Effects
Appendix A
Appendix A Compiler Implementation Specifications
Appendix B
Appendix B HP COBOL on Four Platforms: Compatibility and Migration
     B.1     Compatibility Matrix
     B.2     Differences in Extensions and Other Features
     B.3     Command-Line Qualifiers (Options or Flags)
         B.3.1         Qualifiers and Flags Shared by HP COBOL on Alpha, I64, and VAX
         B.3.2         Alpha- and I64-Specific COBOL Qualifiers and Flags
         B.3.3         Qualifiers Only on HP COBOL for OpenVMS VAX
     B.4     HP COBOL Behavior Differences on VAX and Alpha and I64
         B.4.1         Program Structure Messages
         B.4.2         Program Listing Differences
             B.4.2.1             Machine Code
             B.4.2.2             Module Names
             B.4.2.3             COPY and REPLACE Statements
             B.4.2.4             Multiple COPY Statements
             B.4.2.5             COPY Insert Statement
             B.4.2.6             REPLACE and COPY REPLACING Statements
             B.4.2.7             DATE COMPILED Statement
             B.4.2.8             Compiler Listings and Separate Compilations (OpenVMS)
         B.4.3         Output Formatting
         B.4.4         HP COBOL Statement Differences on Alpha, I64, and VAX
             B.4.4.1             ACCEPT and DISPLAY Statements
             B.4.4.2             LINAGE Clause
             B.4.4.3             MOVE Statement
             B.4.4.4             SEARCH Statement
         B.4.5         System Return Codes
         B.4.6         Diagnostic Messages
         B.4.7         Storage for Double-Precision Data Items
         B.4.8         File Status Values
         B.4.9         RMS Special Registers (OpenVMS)
         B.4.10         Calling Shareable Images
         B.4.11         Sharing Common Blocks (OpenVMS)
         B.4.12         Arithmetic Operations
     B.5     Differences Between Releases and Across Operating Systems
         B.5.1         REWRITE
         B.5.2         File Sharing and Record Locking
         B.5.3         VFC File Format
         B.5.4         File Attribute Checking (Tru64 UNIX)
         B.5.5         Indexed Files
         B.5.6         RMS Special Register References in Your Code
     B.6     File Compatibility Across Languages and Platforms
     B.7     LIB$INITIALIZE Interaction Between C and COBOL
     B.8     Reserved Words
     B.9     Debugger Support Differences
     B.10     DECset/LSE Support Differences
     B.11     DBMS Support
         B.11.1         Compiling on Tru64 UNIX
         B.11.2         Multistream DBMS DML

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