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Chapter 13
13 Using HP COBOL in the Alpha, I64, or VAX Common Language Environment
     13.1     Routines, Procedures, and Functions
     13.2     The OpenVMS Calling Standard (OpenVMS)
         13.2.1         Register and Stack Usage (Alpha, I64)
         13.2.2         Return of the Function Value
         13.2.3         The Argument List
     13.3     OpenVMS System Routines (OpenVMS)
         13.3.1         OpenVMS Run-Time Library Routines
         13.3.2         System Services
     13.4     Calling Routines
         13.4.1         Determining the Type of Call (OpenVMS)
         13.4.2         Defining the Argument (OpenVMS)
         13.4.3         Calling the External Routine (OpenVMS)
         13.4.4         Calling System Routines (OpenVMS)
                System Routine Arguments (OpenVMS)
                Calling a System Routine in a Function Call (OpenVMS)
                Calling a System Routine in a Procedure Call (OpenVMS)
         13.4.5         Checking the Condition Value (OpenVMS)
                Library Return Status and Condition Value Symbols (OpenVMS)
         13.4.6         Locating the Result (OpenVMS)
     13.5     Establishing and Removing User Condition Handlers (OpenVMS)
     13.6     Examples (OpenVMS)
Chapter 14
14 Using the REFORMAT Utility
     14.1     Running the REFORMAT Utility
     14.2     ANSI-to-Terminal Format Conversion
     14.3     Terminal-to-ANSI Format Conversion
     14.4     REFORMAT Error Messages
Chapter 15
15 Optimizing Your HP COBOL Program
     15.1     Specifying Optimization on the Compiler Command Line (Alpha, I64)
     15.2     Specifying Alignment of Data for Optimum Performance (Alpha, I64)
     15.3     Using COMP Data Items for Speed
     15.4     Other Ways to Improve the Performance of Operations on Numeric Data
         15.4.1         Mixing Scale Factors and Data Types
         15.4.2         Limiting Significant Digits
         15.4.3         Reducing the Compexity of Arithmetic Expressions
         15.4.4         Selection of Data Types (OpenVMS)
     15.5     Choices in Procedure Division Statements
         15.5.1         Using Indexing Instead of Subscripting
         15.5.2         Using SEARCH ALL Instead of SEARCH
         15.5.3         Selecting Hypersort or SORT-32 for Sorting Tasks
         15.5.4         Minimizing USE Procedures with LINKAGE SECTION References
     15.6     I/O Operations
         15.6.1         Using the APPLY Clause
                Using the PREALLOCATION Phrase of the APPLY Clause (OpenVMS)
                Using the EXTENSION Phrase of the APPLY Clause (OpenVMS)
                Using the DEFERRED-WRITE Phrase of the APPLY Clause (OpenVMS)
                Using the FILL-SIZE ON Phrase of the APPLY Clause (OpenVMS)
                Using the WINDOW Phrase of the APPLY Clause (OpenVMS)
         15.6.2         Using Multiple Buffers
         15.6.3         Sharing Record Areas
         15.6.4         Using COMP Unsigned Longword Integers
     15.7     Optimizing File Design (OpenVMS)
         15.7.1         Sequential Files
         15.7.2         Relative Files
                Maximum Record Number (MRN)
                Cell Size
                Bucket Size
                File Size
         15.7.3         Indexed Files
                Optimizing Indexed File I/O
                Calculating Key Index Levels
                Caching Index Roots
     15.8     Image Activation Optimization (Tru64 UNIX)

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