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DBMS Database Programming Manual

Order Number: AA-Q6PGD-TE

January 2005

This manual explains how to develop Oracle DBMS database programs with HP COBOL on the OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS I64, and the OpenVMS VAX operating systems.

Revision/Update Information: This manual supersedes the COMPAQ COBOL DBMS Database Programming Manual.

Operating System and Version: OpenVMS I64 Version 8.2 OpenVMS Alpha Version 6.2 or higher OpenVMS VAX Version 6.2 or higher

Software Version: HP COBOL for OpenVMS I64 Version 2.8
HP COBOL for OpenVMS AlphaVersion 2.8 HP COBOL for OpenVMS VAXVersion 5.7A

Hewlett-Packard Company
Palo Alto, California

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This manual describes how to develop Oracle CODASYL DBMS database programs with HP COBOL on the OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS Industry Standard 64 (OpenVMS I64), or OpenVMS VAX operating system. It also contains information about HP COBOL language features specific to OpenVMS.

The HP COBOL DBMS Database Programming Manual is a component of the HP COBOL documentation set. Complete information about HP COBOL can be found in the HP COBOL User Manual and HP COBOL Reference Manual.

HP COBOL is a Hewlett-Packard Company implementation of COBOL (COmmon Business-Oriented Language), which is widely used throughout the world for business data processing. HP COBOL is a high-performance language for commercial application development that runs under the OpenVMS Alpha, OpenVMS I64, or OpenVMS VAX operating system. HP COBOL is based on the 1985 ANSI COBOL Standard X3.23--1985 and Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 21-3 (FIPS-PUB 21-3). The FIPS standard identifies the ANSI standard as the standard adopted by the U.S. federal government and as the criteria on which federal validation is based. HP COBOL also contains Hewlett-Packard extensions to COBOL.

Oracle CODASYL DBMS, including DML (data manipulation language), is based on the 1979 CODASYL Standard for databases.

HP COBOL is the new name for what has formerly been known as Compaq COBOL, DEC COBOL, DIGITAL COBOL, and VAX COBOL. HP COBOL, unmodified, refers to the following products:

HP COBOL for OpenVMS Industry Standard 64
HP COBOL for OpenVMS Alpha

Any references to the former names in product documentation or other components should be construed as references to the HP COBOL names.

Intended Audience

This manual is designed for experienced applications programmers who have a basic understanding of the usage of the COBOL language and database programming. If you are a new COBOL user, you may need to read introductory COBOL textbooks or take COBOL courses. Some familiarity with your operating system is also recommended. This is not a tutorial manual.

Document Structure

This manual is organized as follows:

Related Documents

The following documents contain additional information directly related to various topics in this manual:

HP COBOL Reference Manual

Describes the concepts and rules of the HP COBOL programming language under the supported operating systems.

HP COBOL User Manual

Describes how to develop HP COBOL programs and how to use supported operating system features from the HP COBOL language.

HP COBOL for OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 Installation Guide

Provides information on how to install HP COBOL on the Alpha and OpenVMS I64 operating systems.

Compaq COBOL for OpenVMS VAX Systems Installation Guide

Provides information on how to install HP COBOL on the OpenVMS VAX operating system.

Introduction to Oracle CODASYL DBMS

Introduces the features of Oracle CODASYL DBMS and provides a summary of product components. It also supplies a documentation directory, a glossary, and a master index for the entire documentation set.

Oracle CODASYL DBMS Database Administration Reference Manual

Describes the syntax and function of the data definition language (DDL) used to write schemas, storage schemas, subschemas, and security schemas. It explains the use of the DDL compiler to compile data definitions into the Oracle CDD/Repository data dictionary, the commands used in loading and unloading a database, conditional expressions, and the OpenVMS data types supported by Oracle CODASYL DBMS. Finally, the manual describes the syntax and function of each DBO command, and the DBALTER and DRU utilities.

In addition, there is a self-paced demonstration database, which is configured to show some of the features of Oracle CODASYL DBMS. It is designed to be used with the PARTS database, which is included in the Oracle CODASYL DBMS documentation set.

Oracle CODASYL DBMS Programming Guide

Describes how to program against an Oracle CODASYL DBMS database. The manual explains how to use the Database Query utility (DBQ) to test program logic, how to embed data manipulation language statements into programs and compile them with the DML precompiler, and how to use the callable system subroutines.

Oracle CODASYL DBMS Programming Reference Manual

Describes the syntax and functions of the Oracle CODASYL DBMS data manipulation language (DML), interactive use of the Database Query utility (DBQ), and use of the callable system subroutines. The manual also describes the syntax and functions of the FORTRAN DML (FDML) statements.

Using CDD/Repository on OpenVMS Systems

A guide for repository users who store, maintain, and analyze repository information in Oracle CDD/Repository using the Common Dictionary Operator (CDO) utility.

The OpenVMS documentation set

The Oracle CDD/Repository documentation

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