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DBMS Database Programming Manual

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Program Organization and Structure
Chapter 2 Database Programming Elements of HP COBOL
Chapter 3 Data Division
Chapter 4 Procedure Division
Chapter 5 Database Programming with HP COBOL
Chapter 6 DML Programming---Tips and Techniques
Chapter 7 Debugging and Testing HP COBOL DML Programs
Chapter 8 Database Programming Examples
Appendix A COBOL Database Programming Reserved Words


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Program Organization and Structure
     1.1     Program Structure
     1.2     HP COBOL Data Manipulation Language (DML)
     1.3     Creating an HP COBOL DML Program
     1.4     Compiling an HP COBOL DML Program
         1.4.1         Copying Database Records in an HP COBOL Program
         1.4.2         Using the /MAP Compiler Qualifier
     1.5     Linking an HP COBOL DML Program
     1.6     Running an HP COBOL DML Program
Chapter 2
2 Database Programming Elements of HP COBOL
     2.1     Database-Related User-Defined Words
     2.2     Database-Related Reserved Words
         2.2.1         DB-CONDITION
         2.2.2         DB-CURRENT-RECORD-NAME
         2.2.3         DB-CURRENT-RECORD-ID
         2.2.4         DB-KEY
         2.2.5         DB-UWA
Chapter 3
3 Data Division
     3.1     DATA DIVISION General Format and Rules
    Command 1     DB (Subschema Description)
    Command 2     LD (Keeplist Description)
Chapter 4
4 Procedure Division
     4.1     COBOL Statements for the Database Programmer
         4.1.1         Compiler-Directing Statements and Sentences
         4.1.2         Imperative and Conditional Statements and Sentences
     4.2     Explicit and Implicit Scope Terminators
     4.3     Scope of Names
     4.4     Database Key Identifiers
     4.5     Database Conditions
         4.5.1         Tenancy Conditions
         4.5.2         Empty Condition
         4.5.3         Database Key Condition
         4.5.4         Condition Evaluation Rules
     4.6     Record Selection Expressions (RSE)
     4.7     Set Membership Options and DML Verbs
     4.8     Programming for Database Exceptions and Error Handling
         4.8.1         Database On Error Condition
         4.8.2         At End Condition
         4.8.3         Exception Conditions and the USE Statement
         4.8.4         Translating DB-CONDITION Values to Exception Messages
     4.9     Database Programming Statements in the COBOL Procedure Division
    Command 3     COMMIT
    Command 4     CONNECT
    Command 5     DISCONNECT
    Command 6     ERASE
    Command 7     FETCH
    Command 8     FIND
    Command 9     FREE
    Command 10     GET
    Command 11     KEEP
    Command 12     MODIFY
    Command 13     READY
    Command 14     RECONNECT
    Command 15     ROLLBACK
    Command 16     STORE
    Command 17     USE
         4.9.1         RETAINING Clause

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