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Upgrading Privileged-Code Applications on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 Systems

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Part II
Part II Privileged-Code Changes for OpenVMS I64
Chapter 7
7 OpenVMS Infrastructure Changes for OpenVMS I64
     7.1     C Programming
         7.1.1         PTE Field References in C
         7.1.2         PFN References in C
     7.2     Macro-32 Programming
         7.2.1         PTE Field References in Macro-32
         7.2.2         PFN References in Macro-32
     7.3     Bliss Programming
         7.3.1         PTE Field References in Bliss-64
         7.3.2         PFN References in Bliss-64
     7.4     System Services
         7.4.1         PFN-Map System Services
         7.4.2         SYI$_MAX_PFN
         7.4.3         PMM Structure
         7.4.4         SYI$_PFN_MEMORY_MAP
     7.5     OpenVMS Structure Fields
     7.6     System Data Cells
         7.6.1         Minimum and Maximum PFN Data Cells
         7.6.2         PFN List Arrays, Counts, and Limits
         7.6.3         Physical Memory Page Counts
         7.6.4         Pointer to SYI PFN Memory Map
         7.6.5         Shared L2 Page Table PFN
         7.6.6         Black Hole PFN Data Cell
         7.6.7         MMG Window PFN Pointer Data Cells
     7.7     System Routines
         7.7.1         Converting from PTE Address to PFN
         7.7.2         PFN Allocation Routines
         7.7.3         PFN Allocation and Mapping Routines
     7.8     PTE Format Changes
     7.9     50-Bit Physical Address Search Command
Appendix A
Appendix A Data Structure Changes
     A.1     Pointer Size Conventions
     A.2     Buffer Object Descriptor (BOD)
     A.3     Buffered I/O (BUFIO)
     A.4     Complex Chained Buffer (CXB)
     A.5     Data Chain Block (DCBE)
     A.6     Direct I/O Buffer Map (DIOBM)
     A.7     Function Decision Table (FDT)
     A.8     I/O Request Packet (IRP)
     A.9     I/O Request Packet Extension (IRPE)
     A.10     Process Header (PHD)
     A.11     SCSI-2 Diagnose Buffer (S2DGB)
     A.12     VMS Communications Request Packet (VCRP)

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