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Upgrading Privileged-Code Applications on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 Systems

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Introduction
Part I Privileged-Code Changes for OpenVMS Alpha
Chapter 2 Upgrading Privileged Software to OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.0
Chapter 3 Replacements for Removed Privileged Symbols
Chapter 4 Modifying Device Drivers to Support 64-Bit Addressing
Chapter 5 Modifying User-Written System Services
Chapter 6 Kernel Threads Process Structure
Part II Privileged-Code Changes for OpenVMS I64
Chapter 7 OpenVMS Infrastructure Changes for OpenVMS I64
Appendix A Data Structure Changes
Appendix B I/O Support Routine Changes
Appendix C Kernel Threads Routines and Macros


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     Quick Description of OpenVMS Alpha 64-Bit Virtual Addressing
     1.2     Quick Description of OpenVMS Alpha Kernel Threads
     1.3     Quick Description of OpenVMS Industry Standard 64
     1.4     How to Use This Guide
Part I
Part I Privileged-Code Changes for OpenVMS Alpha
Chapter 2
2 Upgrading Privileged Software to OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.0
     2.1     Recommendations for Upgrading Privileged-Code Applications
         2.1.1         Summary of Infrastructure Changes
         2.1.2         Changes Not Identified by Warning Messages
     2.2     I/O Changes
         2.2.1         Impact of IRPE Data Structure Changes
         2.2.2         Impact of MMG_STD$IOLOCK, MMG_STD$UNLOCK Changes
                Direct I/O Functions
         2.2.3         Impact of MMG_STD$SVAPTECHK Changes
         2.2.4         Impact of PFN Database Entry Changes
         2.2.5         Impact of IRP Changes
     2.3     General Memory Management Infrastructure Changes
         2.3.1         Location of Process Page Tables
         2.3.2         Interpretation of Global and Process Section Table Index
         2.3.3         Location of Process and System Working Set Lists
         2.3.4         Size of a Working Set List Entry
         2.3.5         Location of Page Frame Number (PFN) Database
         2.3.6         Format of PFN Database Entry
         2.3.7         Process Header WSLX and BAK Arrays
         2.3.8         Free S0/S1 System Page Table Entry List
         2.3.9         Location of the Global Page Table
         2.3.10         Free Global Page Table Entry List
         2.3.11         Region Descriptor Entries (RDEs)
     2.4     Kernel Threads Changes
         2.4.1         The CPU$L_CURKTB Field
         2.4.2         Mutex Locking
         2.4.3         Scheduling Routines
         2.4.4         New MWAIT State
         2.4.5         System Services Dispatching
         2.4.6         Asynchronous System Traps (ASTs)
         2.4.7         TB Invalidation and Macros
         2.4.8         New PCB/KTB Fields
         2.4.9         CTL$AL_STACK and CTL$AL_STACKLIM
         2.4.10         Floating-Point Register and Execution Data Blocks (FREDs)
     2.5     Registering Images That Have Version Dependencies
         2.5.1         Version Identification (ID) Number Change to Three Subsystems

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