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HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 Release Notes

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Chapter 5
5 Programming Release Notes
     5.1     Programs Must Be Recompiled and Linked (I64 Only)
     5.2     Privileged Programs May Need to Be Recompiled (Alpha Only)
     5.3     Privileged Data Structures Updates
         5.3.1         KPB Extensions
         5.3.2         CPU Name Space
         5.3.3         64-Bit Logical Block Number (LBN)
         5.3.4         Forking to a Dynamic Spinlock
         5.3.5         UCB/DDB Updates
         5.3.6         PCB$T_TERMINAL Size Increase
         5.3.7         Per-Thread Security Impacts Privileged Code and Device Drivers
         5.3.8         IPL Requirement For OpenVMS Fork Thread Creation Now Enforced
     5.4     Applications Using Floating-Point Data
     5.5     Ada Compiler Not Yet Available (I64 Only)
     5.6     Backup API: Journaling Callback Events Restriction
     5.7     C Programs: Compiling with CASE_LOOKUP=SENSITIVE Settings
     5.8     C Run-Time Library
         5.8.1         Memory Leak in Programs Using socket_fd Fixed
         5.8.2         vsnprintf and snprintf User Buffer Overwrite Fixed
         5.8.3         mmap and mprotect Changes
         5.8.4         getpwnam_r and getpwuid_r Pointer Problem Fixed
         5.8.5         _strtok_r32 and _strtok_r64 Now in Scope
         5.8.6         const Type Qualifier Added to iconv Prototype (Alpha Only)
         5.8.7         <stddef.h> Header Modified (Alpha Only)
         5.8.8         getc Macro Argument Now Protected by Parentheses (Alpha Only)
         5.8.9         CXXL Prefix Problems with Inlined Functions getc and getchar Fixed (Alpha Only)
         5.8.10         Non std Functions Declared in std Namespace (Alpha Only)
         5.8.11         lseek on Large File Offset Problem Fixed (Alpha Only)
         5.8.12         New EABANDONED Code in <errno.h>
         5.8.13         mktime Problem Fixed
         5.8.14         POLLWRNORM Now the Same as POLLOUT in <poll.h>
         5.8.15         IPV6 Structures in <in6.h> Now Packed
         5.8.16         __PAL_BUGCHK Fixed in <builtins.h>
         5.8.17         C++ Compiler Error with statvfs Fixed
         5.8.18         glob and globfree Issues Fixed
         5.8.19         DECC$SHR_EV56 Now Linked Correctly
         5.8.20         Zone Information Compiler (zic) Updates
     5.9     Calling Standard and Rotating Registers (I64 Only)
     5.10     Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) Considerations
         5.10.1         Secure Delivery Advanced Developer's Kit
         5.10.2         Installation and Initialization Considerations
     5.11     CONVERT-I-SEQ Error on CONVERT/NOSORT with Collated Key
     5.12     Debugging Modes: Avoiding CPUSPINWAIT Bugchecks
     5.13     Delta/XDelta Debuggers
         5.13.1         Delta Debugger Not Available on OpenVMS I64
         5.13.2         Restrictions for XDELTA on I64 Systems
         5.13.3         Differences Between XDELTA on I64 Systems and Alpha Systems
         5.13.4         XDELTA Register Display Consideration (I64 only)
     5.14     File Applications: Corrections to Guide to OpenVMS File Applications
     5.15     HP BLISS Compiler Warnings with RMS Structures (I64 Only)
     5.16     HP COBOL Run-Time Library (RTL)
         5.16.1         SET and COB$SWITCHES
         5.16.2         Record Locking Problem Corrected
     5.17     HP Decimal Support Run-Time Library (RTL)
     5.18     HP Fortran for I64
     5.19     HP MACRO for OpenVMS
         5.19.1         HP MACRO for OpenVMS I64
         5.19.2         /TIE Qualifier Defaults Differ on Alpha and I64
         5.19.3         /OPTIMIZE=VAXREGS Qualifier Not Supported on I64
         5.19.4         CODGENWARN Message Can Be Ignored (Alpha Only)
         5.19.5         Granularity Support (I64 Only)
         5.19.6         Integer Divide-by-Zero Error Not Raised By Default (I64 Only)
         5.19.7         Integer Divide By Most Negative Number Crashes Compiler (I64 Only)
         5.19.8         Integer Divide Might Not Set "V" Condition Code Properly (I64 Only)
         5.19.9         Floating Divide-by-Zero Error Not Raised (I64 Only)
         5.19.10         INSV Instruction Overwrites Extra Memory (I64 Only)
     5.20     Hypersort Utility
         5.20.1         Reporting a Problem to HP
         5.20.2         Large Files Restriction
         5.20.3         Hypersort and VFC Files Restriction
         5.20.4         /FORMAT=RECORD_SIZE Restriction
         5.20.5         Using Hypersort with Search Lists and Other Uses of Logical Names
         5.20.6         Lack of Free Space for Work Files
         5.20.7         Input Asterisk (*) Restriction
         5.20.8         Optimal Working Set Extent and Page File Quota Settings
     5.21     Intel® Assembler (I64 Only)
     5.22     Librarian Utility
         5.22.1         Linking Against Data-Reduced ELF Object Libraries Not Recommended (I64 Only)
         5.22.2         Failure to Insert or Replace .STB files in an I64 Library (I64 Only)
         5.22.3         Librarian Fails to Report Errors When Process Quota Too Low
         5.22.4         Object Module Name Length Problem (I64 Only)
     5.23     Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) API
         5.23.1         The Routine ldap_get_option Returns Error -1 When ld Is NULL
         5.23.2         The Routine ber_flatten() Fails to Detect Mismatched Braces
     5.24     Linker Utility for OpenVMS Alpha
         5.24.1         LINK/NATIVE_ONLY Help Text Clarification
         5.24.2         Linker Appears to Hang When Many Files Are Specified
         5.24.3         Change in Linker Default Behavior with Library Check
         5.24.4         Limit of 25 Elements on Stack
     5.25     Linker Utility for OpenVMS I64
         5.25.1         Differences Between the I64 and Alpha Linkers
         5.25.2         LINK_ORDER Section Header Flag Not Supported
         5.25.3         Linking Against Data-Reduced ELF Object Libraries Not Recommended
         5.25.4         Errors in the Image Synopsis Section of the Map
         5.25.5         DIFTYPE and RELODIFTYPE Messages
     5.26     LTDRIVER: CANCEL SELECTIVE Restriction
     5.27     Mail Utility: Threads Restriction for Callable Mail
     5.28     OpenVMS Debugger
         5.28.1         General Conditions and Workarounds (I64 Only)
         5.28.2         BASIC Language Issues (I64 Only)
         5.28.3         C++ Language Issues (I64 Only)
         5.28.4         COBOL Language Issues (I64 Only)
         5.28.5         Fortran Language Issues (I64 Only)
         5.28.6         Pascal Language Issues (I64 Only)
         5.28.7         SET SCOPE Command: Behavior Change
         5.28.8         SHOW IMAGE Command Change
         5.28.9         Client/Server Interface: Previous Versions Not Supported (Alpha Only)
     5.29     OpenVMS System Dump Analyzer (SDA)
         5.29.1         READ Command Default Change
         5.29.2         CLUE Commands Not Ported to OpenVMS I64
         5.29.3         SHOW CALL_FRAME Functionality Changes (I64 Only)
     5.30     PL/I Libraries Not Included in OpenVMS I64 Version 8.2
     5.31     POSIX Threads Library
         5.31.1         Stack Overflows During Exception Handling (I64 Only)
         5.31.2         THREADCP Command Behavior on I64 Systems
         5.31.3         Floating-Point Compilations and Exceptions (I64 Only)
         5.31.4         C Language Compilation Header File Changes
         5.31.5         New Priority Adjustment Algorithm
         5.31.6         Process Dumps
         5.31.7         Dynamic CPU Configuration Changes
         5.31.8         Debugger Metering Function Does Not Work
     5.32     RMS: Improved Global Buffer VA Management
     5.33     RMS Journaling
         5.33.1         Recovery Unit Journaling Incompatible with Kernel Threads
         5.33.2         Modified Journal File Creation
         5.33.3         Remote Access of Recovery Unit Journaled Files in an OSI Environment
         5.33.4         After-Image (AI) Journaling
         5.33.5         VFC Format Sequential Files
     5.34     RTL Library (LIB$)
         5.34.1         RTL Library (LIB$) Help Omission
         5.34.2         RTL Library (LIB$): Calling Standard Routines (I64 Only)
     5.35     Screen Management (SMG$) Documentation
     5.36     SORT32 Utility
         5.36.1         CONVERT Problem With DFS-Served Disks
         5.36.2         Temporary Work Files Not Always Deleted
         5.36.3         SORT/SPECIFICATION With Compound Conditions: Requirement
         5.36.4         Performance Problem with Variable Length Records
         5.36.5         Work File Directories Restriction
     5.37     System Code Debugger (SCD) Not Available on I64 Systems
     5.38     System Services
         5.38.1         $GETJPI Item Code SCHED_CLASS_NAME Documented Incorrectly
         5.38.2         New GETSYI Item Codes Required for PFN-Mapped Sections (I64 Only)
         5.38.3         PFN-Mapped Sections and Uncached Memory (I64 Only)
         5.38.4         SYS$ACM: Using on I64 Systems
         5.38.5         SYS$GOTO_UNWIND Not Available on I64
     5.39     Timer Queue Entries (TQEs)
     5.40     Traceback Facility
         5.40.1         API Error (I64 Only)
         5.40.2         Problem Corrected
     5.41     Watchpoint Utility (I64 Only)
     5.42     Whole Program Floating-Point Mode (I64 Only)

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