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HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 Release Notes

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 OpenVMS Software Installation and Upgrade Release Notes
Chapter 2 OpenVMS Associated Products Release Notes
Chapter 3 General User Release Notes
Chapter 4 System Management Release Notes
Chapter 5 Programming Release Notes
Chapter 6 Hardware Release Notes
Appendix A Product Retirement Notices
Appendix B Interlocked Memory Instructions (Alpha Only)


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 OpenVMS Software Installation and Upgrade Release Notes
     1.1     HP Software Technical Support Policy
     1.2     General Application Compatibility Statement
     1.3     Obtaining Remedial Kits
     1.4     Networking Options
     1.5     Disk Incompatibility with Older Versions of OpenVMS
     1.6     HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
     1.7     HP SSL: Installing HP SSL V1.2
     1.8     Release Notes for OpenVMS I64 Users
         1.8.1         HP Integrity Server Configurations
         1.8.2         Clearing the System Event Log (SEL) on Integrity Servers
         1.8.3         Firmware for Integrity Servers
         1.8.4         Booting On a Fibre Channel Storage Device
         1.8.5         Booting from the Installation DVD
         1.8.6         Setting Up I64 Systems to Reboot
         1.8.7         HP DECwindows Motif Release Notes
                Keyboard Support
                Connect Peripheral Devices Prior to Server Startup
                Countdown Messages Displayed During Startup
     1.9     Release Notes for OpenVMS Alpha Users
         1.9.1         Firmware for OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.2
         1.9.2         Upgrade Paths
         1.9.3         Error on Upgrade from Version 7.3-1
         1.9.4         Encryption for OpenVMS Alpha: Remove Before Upgrading
         1.9.5         HP DECram V3.n: Remove Before Upgrading
         1.9.6         Kerberos V1.0: Remove Before Upgrading
         1.9.7         Converting the LANCP Device Database After Upgrading
         1.9.8         DECnet-Plus Requires a New Version
         1.9.9         SHADOW_MAX_UNIT Default Setting and Memory Usage
Chapter 2
2 OpenVMS Associated Products Release Notes
     2.1     Associated Product Support
     2.2     BASIC: V1.5A Required to Create STARLET Library (Alpha Only)
     2.3     CMAP Files Added
     2.4     COBOL: Changes in I/O Run-Time Diagnostics and RMS Special Registers
     2.5     COM for HP OpenVMS (Alpha Only)
         2.5.1         COM for OpenVMS Support
         2.5.2         Registry Access Error with Heavy Load of Applications
     2.6     DECdfs Version 2.4 Required for OpenVMS Version 8.2
     2.7     DECforms Web Connector Version 3.0 (Alpha Only)
     2.8     DEC PL/I: RTL Support for OpenVMS
     2.9     FMS Kits
     2.10     Graphical Configuration Manager (GCM) (Alpha Only)
     2.11     HP DCE RPC for OpenVMS
         2.11.1         DCE RPC Supports FAILSafe IP
         2.11.2         Support for Tuning the Buffer Size of RPC Sockets
         2.11.3         RTI (Remote Task Invocation) RPC (I64 Only)
         2.11.4         Microsoft Lan Manager RPC Not Tested (I64 Only)
         2.11.5         The utc_mulftime Factor Argument Type
         2.11.6         Support for G_FLOAT and IEEE Floating-Point Types
     2.12     HP DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS: X.25 Data Links Not Supported (I64 Only)
     2.13     HP DECram
         2.13.1         DECram Ships With OpenVMS Version 8.2
         2.13.2         Conflict with DECRYPT DCL Command
         2.13.3         Maximum Disk Size for DECram
         2.13.4         DECram Commands and Errors
         2.13.5         DECram and Volume Shadowing
     2.14     HP DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
         2.14.1         DECwindows Pause Screen Can Fail to Unlock (Alpha Only)
         2.14.2         New Locales Added
         2.14.3         Available Language Variants
         2.14.4         Support for LAT Transport Interface
         2.14.5         User-Written Transports Not Supported
     2.15     HP Secure Web Server Version Support
     2.16     Pascal
         2.16.1         V5.8A (or Later) Required to Create STARLET Library (Alpha Only)
         2.16.2         Installing HP Pascal After an Upgrade (Alpha Only)
     2.17     WEBES and SEA Support on I64 Systems
Chapter 3
3 General User Release Notes
     3.1     OpenVMS Freeware CD-ROMs
         3.1.1         Freeware Menu Unavailable (I64 Only)
     3.2     Online Help Changes
     3.3     DCL Commands
         3.3.1         ANALYZE/ERROR_LOG Command Not Ported to OpenVMS I64
         3.3.2         CREATE/MAILBOX: Temporary Restriction
         3.3.3         DIAGNOSE Command No Longer Supported
         3.3.4         SHOW LICENSE /OE and /HIERARCHY Require SYSLCK (I64 Only)
     3.4     DECmigrate Not On Open Source Tools CD-ROM
     3.5     iconv Fixes
     3.6     HP Secure Web Browser
         3.6.1         Increased Memory Required
         3.6.2         Installation Error on ODS-2 Disk Volume (I64 Only)
     3.7     TECO Editor Not Yet Available on I64 Systems
Chapter 4
4 System Management Release Notes
     4.1     Recovering from System Hangs or Crashes (I64 Only)
     4.2     AUTHORIZE: New Quotas for the DEFAULT and SYSTEM Account
     4.3     AUTOGEN: New Behavior with NEWPARAMS.DAT Files
     4.4     Backup Utility: Behavior Change
     4.5     DECdtm/XA with Oracle® 8i and 9i (Alpha Only)
     4.6     Device Unit Number Maximum Increased
     4.7     ECP Data Collector and Performance Analyzer V5.5 (Alpha Only)
     4.8     EDIT/FDL: Fixing Recommended Bucket Size
     4.9     EFI$CP Utility: Use Not Recommended
     4.10     EFI Tools: VMS_SHOW DUMP_DEV Errors (I64 Only)
     4.11     Error Log Viewer (ELV) Utility: TRANSLATE/PAGE Command
     4.12     External Authentication
         4.12.1         I64 External Authentication Support
         4.12.2         SET PASSWORD Behavior Within a DECterm Terminal Session
         4.12.3         No Password Expiration Notification on Workstations
     4.13     INITIALIZE Command Changes
     4.14     INSTALL Utility
     4.15     Lock Manager
         4.15.1         Lock Value Block Extended
         4.15.2         Fast Lock Remastering and PE1
     4.16     Logical Disk (LD) Utility: Problem Fixed
     4.17     On-Disk Structure (ODS) Layout Changes
     4.18     OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         4.18.1         OpenVMS I64 Cluster Support
         4.18.2         Temporary Exceptions
         4.18.3         Permanent Exceptions
         4.18.4         Patch Kits Needed for Cluster Compatibility
         4.18.5         New API Can Correct Incompatibility of Fibre Channel and SCSI Multipath with Some Third-Party Products
         4.18.6         CLUSTER_CONFIG.COM and Limits on Root Directory Names
         4.18.7         Cluster Performance Reduced with CI-LAN Circuit Switching
         4.18.8         Gigabit Ethernet Switch Restriction in an OpenVMS Cluster System
         4.18.9         Multipath Tape Failover Restriction
         4.18.10         No Automatic Failover for SCSI Multipath Medium Changers
     4.19     OpenVMS Galaxy (Alpha Only)
         4.19.1         Galaxy Definitions
         4.19.2         OpenVMS Graphical Configuration Manager
         4.19.3         Galaxy on ES40: Uncompressed Dump Limitation
         4.19.4         Galaxy on ES40: Turning Off Fast Path
     4.20     OpenVMS Management Station
     4.21     OpenVMS Registry Can Corrupt Version 2 Format Database
     4.22     Security: Changes to DIRECTORY Command Output
     4.23     Server Management Process (SMHANDLER)
     4.24     SYSGEN: Security Auditing Fixed
     4.25     SYSMAN Utility: DUMP_PRIORITY Command Changes
     4.26     System Parameters
         4.26.1         New System Parameters
         4.26.2         Obsolete System Parameters
         4.26.3         Displaying Obsolete System Parameters
         4.26.4         System Parameter Changes
         4.26.5         MMG_CTLFLAGS: Documentation Errors
     4.27     Terminal Fallback Facility (TFF)
     4.28     Time Zone Changes
     4.29     User Environment Test Package (UETP) (I64 Only)
     4.30     Recommended Caching Methods
     4.31     Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS
         4.31.1         Device Name Requirement
         4.31.2         Warning About Using SET SHADOW and SHOW SHADOW in DCL Command Procedures
         4.31.3         Write Bitmaps and Dissimilar Device Shadowing (DDS) Caution
         4.31.4         KZPDC (Smart Array 5300) Restrictions
         4.31.5         Changes in Shadow Set Merge Delay Computation
         4.31.6         ANALYZE/DISK/SHADOW Command Behavior
         4.31.7         ANALYZE/DISK/SHADOW Command Behavior with Dissimilar Device Shadow Sets
         4.31.8         Dismount of Shadow Set Member Using /MINICOPY

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