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HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 Release Notes

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Appendix B
Appendix B Interlocked Memory Instructions (Alpha Only)
     B.1     Required Code Checks
     B.2     Using the Code Analysis Tool (SRM_CHECK)
     B.3     Noncompliant Code Characteristics
     B.4     Coding Requirements
     B.5     Compiler Versions
     B.6     Recompiling Code with ALONONPAGED_INLINE or LAL_REMOVE_FIRST
1-1 Supported Versions of DECwindows Motif
4-1 Patch Kits Required for Cluster Compatibility
4-2 Galaxy Definitions
4-3 TFF Character Fallback Tables
6-1 Changes to Device Description Block
6-2 Supported Microcode Revision Levels
6-3 Commands for Updating Microcode in Certain DSSI Disk Devices
6-4 Revision Level 442 Firmware Compatibility
B-1 Versions of OpenVMS Compilers

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