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HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 Release Notes

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Chapter 3
General User Release Notes

This chapter provides information for all users of the OpenVMS operating system. It includes information about commonly used commands and utilities.

For information about new features included in this version of the software, refer to the HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 New Features and Documentation Overview.

3.1 OpenVMS Freeware CD-ROMs


Included in the OpenVMS Version 8.2 media kit are the OpenVMS Freeware Version 7.0 CD-ROMs. The Freeware CD-ROMs contain free software tools and utilities for creating applications and for using and managing OpenVMS systems.

To mount the Freeware CD-ROMs, insert one of the CD-ROM volumes into the CD-ROM drive and enter the following commands to mount and display the contents of the Freeware volume. For additional information about the freeware, refer to the FREEWARE_README.TXT files.


In these MOUNT commands, the ddcu: specification represents the device name of the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM device on your OpenVMS system.

Once the appropriate device is mounted, you can access the kit directories directly using standard DCL commands such as DIRECTORY and COPY. Text files containing submission abstracts and other materials are available in the [FREEWARE] directory on each disk.

3.1.1 Freeware Menu Unavailable (I64 Only)


The [FREEWARE]FREEWARE.COM Freeware menu system interface on the OpenVMS Freeware V7.0 distribution does not operate on OpenVMS I64 systems.

The menu system interface is expected to function on OpenVMS Alpha and on OpenVMS VAX systems.

You can directly access the contents of the Freeware V7.0 distribution media by using DCL commands such as DIRECTORY and COPY from an OpenVMS I64, OpenVMS Alpha, or OpenVMS VAX system. This is the preferred way to access the contents of the Freeware V7.0 distribution.

Information about submissions and the Freeware distribution is contained in the file [FREEWARE]FREEWARE_README.TXT. This file is on each volume of the Freeware V7.0 distribution, and you can view its contents by using the TYPE command or a text editor.

3.2 Online Help Changes


In OpenVMS Version 8.2, topics that were previously covered under the help topic DCL_Tips (which was previously found under HELP SPECIFY) have now been made into individual help topics that are accessible at the top level of help. Look for these new help topics:

HELP Date_Time (includes time specifications)
HELP Expression
HELP Filespec
HELP Integer
HELP Privilege
HELP Protection
HELP String
HELP Symbol

Help for SET SERVER and SHOW SERVER has also been simplified and made more easily accessible. The technical content has not changed --- except for SET SERVER ACME /CONFIGURE --- but there are now separate help topics for the following:


3.3 DCL Commands

The following release notes pertain to DCL commands.

3.3.1 ANALYZE/ERROR_LOG Command Not Ported to OpenVMS I64


The ANALYZE/ERROR_LOG command has not been ported to OpenVMS I64. There are no plans to port this functionality to OpenVMS I64 in the future.

Online help erroneously includes the ANALYZE/ERROR_LOG command.

3.3.2 CREATE/MAILBOX: Temporary Restriction


CREATE/MAILBOX/TEMPORARY currently requires CMEXEC privilege. This restriction will be removed in a future release.

3.3.3 DIAGNOSE Command No Longer Supported


The DIAGNOSE command is not supported on OpenVMS Version 8.2. For more information, see Section A.4 and Section A.6.

3.3.4 SHOW LICENSE /OE and /HIERARCHY Require SYSLCK (I64 Only)


Currently, the SHOW LICENSE/OE and SHOW LICENSE/HIERARCHY commands require the SYSLCK privilege. This restriction will be removed in a future release.

If you do not have SYSLCK privilege and want to know whether a specific product in the operating environment database is licensed to run on the system, you can use the lexical function F$LICENSE, as shown in this example:


3.4 DECmigrate Not On Open Source Tools CD-ROM


The OpenVMS Migration Software for VAX to Alpha (DECmigrate) is not included on the Open Source Tools CD shipped with the OpenVMS Version 8.2 distribution media. The software kit was included on the media for OpenVMS Version 7.3-2, but testing has not been completed on OpenVMS Version 8.2. The software will continue to be available on the following website for earlier versions of OpenVMS:


An update will be posted when support for OpenVMS Version 8.2 becomes available.

3.5 iconv Fixes


The following fixes have been made to iconv :

  • Previously, if an output file had a version limit, the iconv CONVERT command would not convert the file. This problem has been corrected.
  • Previously, iconv converters for DEC Hanyu could not convert DTSCS (Digital Taiwan Supplemental Character Set). Starting with OpenVMS Version 8.2, iconv converters DECHANYU_EUCTW and EUCTW_DECHANYU can convert to and from DTSCS characters.

3.6 HP Secure Web Browser

The following notes pertain to the HP Secure Web Browser.

3.6.1 Increased Memory Required


If you have an OpenVMS workstation and you are using the HP Secure Web Browser (SWB), based on Mozilla, the minimum memory requirement is 128 MB; however, 256 MB is highly recommended for more robust performance.

3.6.2 Installation Error on ODS-2 Disk Volume (I64 Only)


Installing the HP Secure Web Browser (CSWB) Version 1.4 for OpenVMS I64 on an ODS-2 disk volume fails with a PCSI error, as follows:

%PCSI-E-OPENIN, error opening
-RMS-E-FND, ACP file or directory lookup failed
-SYSTEM-W-BADFILEVER, bad file version number
%PCSI-E-OPFAILED, operation failed

You can continue with the installation by answering "NO" to the "Do you want to terminate?" prompt. The installation will continue successfully.

As an alternative, you can install the HP Secure Web Browser on an ODS-5 disk volume.

3.7 TECO Editor Not Yet Available on I64 Systems


The TECO editor is not yet supported for OpenVMS I64. HP expects this editor to be available in a future release of OpenVMS I64.

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