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HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 New Features and Documentation Overview

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Preface Preface
Part 1 OpenVMS Version 8.2 New Features
Chapter 1 Summary of HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 New Features
Chapter 2 General User Features
Chapter 3 System Management Features
Chapter 4 Programming Features
Chapter 5 Associated Products Features
Chapter 6 Host-Based Minimerge (HBMM) in Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS
Chapter 7 Linker Utility
Part 2 OpenVMS Documentation
Chapter 8 OpenVMS Documentation Overview
Chapter 9 OpenVMS Printed and Online Documentation
Chapter 10 Descriptions of OpenVMS Manuals


Preface Preface
Part 1
Part 1 OpenVMS Version 8.2 New Features
Chapter 1
1 Summary of HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 New Features
     1.1     Summary Table
     1.2     Major Differences Between OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64 Systems
Chapter 2
2 General User Features
     2.1     DCL Commands and Lexical Functions
     2.2     License Management Facility Enhancements (LMF)
     2.3     Monitor Utility Enhancements
     2.4     OpenVMS I64 Operating Environments (OEs)
Chapter 3
3 System Management Features
     3.1     OpenVMS I64 Boot Manager (BOOT_OPTIONS.COM) Utility
     3.2     Clustering on OpenVMS I64 Systems
         3.2.1         OpenVMS I64 Cluster Interconnect Support
         3.2.2         Mixed-Architecture Clusters
                Storage in a Mixed-Architecture Cluster
     3.3     EFI for OpenVMS Utilities
     3.4     HP Performance Data Collector (TDC)
     3.5     Ethernet LAN Drivers: Full-Duplex or Half-Duplex Mode Mismatch
         3.5.1         Result of Duplex Mode Mismatch
         3.5.2         Detection and Correction of Duplex Mode Mismatch
     3.6     Host-Based Adapter (HBA) Support
         3.6.1         Fibre Channel HBA Support on OpenVMS I64 and OpenVMS Alpha Systems
         3.6.2         Ultra SCSI HBA Support on OpenVMS I64 Systems
     3.7     System Analysis Tools Enhancements
         3.7.1         New and Enhanced SDA Commands
         3.7.2         System Service Logging
     3.8     System Parameters
         3.8.1         New System Parameters
         3.8.2         Changed System Parameters
     3.9     Additional Time Zones Added to Database
     3.10     Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS New Features
Chapter 4
4 Programming Features
     4.1     Analyze Utility Enhancements (I64 Only)
     4.2     OpenVMS Calling Standard Changes for OpenVMS I64
     4.3     Checksum Utility
         4.3.1         CHECKSUM/OBJECT Enhanced for I64 Objects
     4.4     C Run-Time Library Enhancements
         4.4.1         File-Locking Functions
         4.4.2         Standard-Compliant stat Structure
         4.4.3         File-System Statistics Support
         4.4.4         fcntl File Status Flags
         4.4.5         UNIX Style Pipe Support
         4.4.6         DECC$POPEN_NO_CRLF_REC_ATTR
         4.4.7         glob and globfree 64-Bit Support
         4.4.8         socketpair
     4.5     DCE RPC Now Supports IEEE Floating-Point Type
     4.6     OpenVMS Debugger
         4.6.1         Intel® Itanium® Hardware Support
         4.6.2         OpenVMS I64 Language Support
         4.6.3         Heap Analyzer Available on OpenVMS I64 Systems
     4.7     Extended Lock Value Block
     4.8     Librarian Utility and Library Routines (I64 only)
         4.8.1         Librarian Usage Summary
         4.8.2         Changes to the Librarian Utility
                Librarian Defaults to Intel® Itanium® Architecture
                No Support for /ALPHA and /VAX Qualifiers
                Enhanced /REMOVE Qualifier
         4.8.3         Changes to the Library (LBR) Routines
                New Library Types Added
                Accessing ELF Object Libraries
         4.8.4         New Librarian (LBR) Routines for ELF Object Libraries
    Command 1     LBR$LOOKUP_TYPE
    Command 2     LBR$MAP_MODULE
    Command 3     LBR$PUT_MODULE
    Command 4     LBR$UNMAP_MODULE
         4.8.5         Extended Library (LBR) Routines for ELF Object Libraries
    Command 5     LBR$DELETE_DATA
    Command 6     LBR$DELETE_KEY
    Command 7     LBR$GET_INDEX
    Command 8     LBR$INSERT_KEY
    Command 9     LBR$LOOKUP_KEY
    Command 10     LBR$PUT_RECORD
    Command 11     LBR$REPLACE_KEY
    Command 12     LBR$SEARCH
         4.8.6         Library Format Changed due to New UNIX-Style Weak Symbols
                New ELF Type for Weak Symbols
                Version 6.0 Library Index Format
                New Group Section Symbols
                Precedence Ordering Rules
     4.9     Linker Utility
     4.10     HP OpenVMS Migration Software
     4.11     POSIX Threads Features
         4.11.1         Lowercase Symbol Names for /NAMES=AS_IS Compilation
         4.11.2         Support for Process-Shared Mutexes and Condition Variables
         4.11.3         SET and SHOW Commands Enhanced (I64 Only)
         4.11.4         New Routine Added to Thread Independent Services API
    Command 13     tis_mutex_init_type
     4.12     New RTL LIB Routines
         4.12.1         Change to LIB$GETDVI routine (I64 only)
     4.13     New RTL OTS Routines
     4.14     Patch Utility Now Available on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS I64
     4.15     New and Revised System Services
     4.16     Time Zone Information Compiler (zic) Updates
     4.17     Traceback Facility
     4.18     XDELTA New Features

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