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HP OpenVMS Version 8.2--1
for Integrity Servers
New Features and Release Notes

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 OpenVMS Version 8.2--1 New Features
Chapter 3 OpenVMS V8.2--1 Release Notes
Chapter 4 InfoServer Utility
Chapter 5 Linker Utility
Chapter 6 Product Directories


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     Overview of OpenVMS Version 8.2--1 for Integrity Servers
     1.2     HP Software Technical Support Policy
     1.3     General Application Compatibility Statement
     1.4     Obtaining Patch Kits
     1.5     Networking Options
     1.6     Disk Incompatibility with Older Versions of OpenVMS
     1.7     System Event Log (SEL) on Integrity Servers
     1.8     Firmware for Integrity Servers
     1.9     TIE Kit Must be Removed Before Upgrade
     1.10     Release Notes on Booting the System
         1.10.1         Booting from the Installation DVD
         1.10.2         Setting Up I64 Systems to Reboot
         1.10.3         Booting with a Common Cluster System Disk
         1.10.4         Booting from a Fibre Channel Storage Device
         1.10.5         OpenVMS I64 Boot Manager Utility: Adding Multipath Fibre Channel Disk Devices
         1.10.6         Fibre Channel Boot Disk: Simplified Setup Process
     1.11     HP DECwindows Motif
         1.11.1         Connect Peripheral Devices Prior to Server Startup
         1.11.2         Countdown Messages Displayed During Startup
         1.11.3         VGA Console Not Supported for Booting
         1.11.4         Optional Graphics
         1.11.5         Keyboard Support
Chapter 2
2 OpenVMS Version 8.2--1 New Features
     2.1     New Integrity Server Support
         2.1.1         HP sx1000 Chipset for HP Integrity Servers Supported Configurations
     2.2     Booting the OpenVMS I64 Operating Environment DVD from the InfoServer
     2.3     OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         2.3.1         Increased Number of OpenVMS I64 Systems in an OpenVMS Cluster
         2.3.2         Shared SCSI Storage Support for Two-Node OpenVMS I64 Cluster Systems
     2.4     Ctrl/P Now Provides IPC Support on Integrity Server Consoles
     2.5     HP OpenVMS Debugger
         2.5.1         Improved C++ Support for Operator Names
         2.5.2         Use of SET MODULE Command is Now Optional
         2.5.3         Heap Analyzer Now Available
         2.5.4         New Qualifier for SHOW STACK Command
         2.5.5         Change to Default Data Type for Untyped Storage Locations
         2.5.6         Improved Overloaded Symbol Support in SHOW SYMBOL Command
         2.5.7         Preliminary Ada Language Support
     2.6     Debuggers Now Available
     2.7     Fibre Channel Performance Data with New SDA Command
     2.8     Larger Granularity Hints for Memory-Resident Sections
         2.8.1         Flags Added to MMG_CTLFLAGS System Parameter
         2.8.2         System Service Changes
     2.9     Partition Manager
     2.10     New Power-Saving Feature
     2.11     PPL Units Assignment Tool
     2.12     System Dump Analyzer (SDA) Utility
         2.12.1         SDA COPY Command Additional Information
         2.12.2         New Qualifiers for COPY Command
         2.12.3         New SDA Command
    Command 1     COLLECT
         2.12.4         Changes to SHOW CALL_FRAME Parameter
     2.13     Traceback Facility
Chapter 3
3 OpenVMS V8.2--1 Release Notes
     3.1     Adapter Release Notes
         3.1.1         A9782A, A9784A, and AB465A Restriction in Zoned SAN Environments
         3.1.2         Fibre Channel EFI Driver and Firmware Requirements
     3.2     Associated Product Support
     3.3     Cluster Compatibility Patch Kits
     3.4     HP OpenVMS Debugger Heap Analyzer Conditions and Workarounds
     3.5     Documentation Corrections
         3.5.1         HP OpenVMS Debugger Manual: Client/Server Interface Correction
         3.5.2         HP OpenVMS I/O User's Reference Manual: PTD$READ Clarification
         3.5.3         HP OpenVMS Version 8.2 New Features and Documentation Overview: Librarian Utility Corrections
                /REMOVE Qualifier Correction
                Accessing ELF Object Libraries Correction
         3.5.4         HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual Corrections
                HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: Clarification of Rounding Rule for LIB$CVT_DX_DX
         3.5.5         HP OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual: Clarification of Platform Restrictions
         3.5.6         HP OpenVMS System Manager's Manual: IPC Commands Restriction
         3.5.7         HP OpenVMS System Services Reference Manual Additions and Corrections
                $GETRMI Item Code---RMI$_MODES
                $PUTMSG System Service Correction
         3.5.8         HP Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS: Corrections to Memory Requirements
     3.6     EFI Shell Precautions on Shared or Shadowed System Disks
     3.7     Librarian: Increased Object Module Name Key Length
     3.8     Linker Utility
     3.9     Multiple nPartitions on Cell-based Systems
     3.10     Network Update Restrictions from Version 8.2 to Version 8.2--1
     3.11     NPAG_AGGRESSIVE and NPAG_GENTLE Default Values
     3.12     Synchronous Data Links Not Supported
     3.13     HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
     3.14     Traceback API Problem Fixed
Chapter 4
4 InfoServer Utility
     4.1     InfoServer Utility Overview
         4.1.1         InfoServer Usage Summary
         4.1.2         InfoServer Commands
          SET SERVICE
          SHOW SERVER
          START SERVER

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