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Displays information about the current status of a process, the system, or devices in the system.


SHOW option


The SHOW command options are described individually in this manual. Table DCLII-21 lists all the SHOW command options.

Table DCLII-21 SHOW Command Options
Option Displays
ACCOUNTING Resources the current accounting file is tracking
AUDIT Security auditing characteristics in effect on the system
BROADCAST Message classes for which broadcast is enabled
CLUSTER OpenVMS Cluster activity and performance
CPU Current state of the attached processor
DEFAULT Current default device and directory
DEVICES Status of devices in the system
DEVICES/SERVED Status of devices served by the MSCP server on an OpenVMS Cluster system
DISPLAY Node where the output from a DECwindows application running on the current node will be displayed
ENTRY Information about a user's batch and print jobs or about specific job entries
ERROR Error count for the CPU, memory, and physical devices
(Alpha/I64 only)
Displays fastpath port assignment and usage.
IMAGE (Alpha/I64 only) Displays information about an ELF format image file.
INTRUSION Contents of the intrusion database
KEY Key definitions created by the DEFINE/KEY command
LICENSE Software product licenses active on the current node as well as list of the names attached to a license (known as the RESERVE list)
LOGICAL Current logical name assignments
MEMORY Availability and usage of memory resources
NETWORK Information about network services registered on a node
PRINTER Printer characteristics
PROCESS Attributes of the current process, including privileges, resource quotas, memory usage, priority, and accounting information
PROTECTION Current default protection applied to files
QUEUE Names and types of queues that are available on the system as well as any current jobs belonging to your process
QUEUE/CHARACTERISTICS Characteristic names and numbers that have been defined for system queues
QUEUE/FORM Form names and numbers that have been defined for system queues
QUEUE/MANAGERS Information about the queue manager(s) on the system or OpenVMS Cluster
QUOTA Current disk quota authorized for and used by a specific user on a specific disk
RMS_DEFAULT Current default multiblock and multibuffer counts used by OpenVMS Record Management Services (RMS) for file operations
SECURITY Name, class, and profile of a security object
(Alpha/I64 only)
Information about the ACME server
(Alpha/I64 only)
Information about the Registry server
SHADOW (Alpha/I64 only) Status of a specified shadow set on the system.
STATUS Status of the current job, including accumulated CPU time, open file count, and count of I/O operations
SYMBOL Current symbol definitions
SYSTEM List of all processes in the system
TERMINAL Device characteristics of a terminal
[DAY]TIME Current date and time
TRANSLATION Current logical name assignment
USERS Information about users currently on the system
WORKING_SET CURRENT working set size limit and quota
ZONE Current state of a VAXft system

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