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HP OpenVMS DCL Dictionary

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Generic device names
Generic queues
    initializing #1
    initializing #2
GHRs (granularity hint regions)
Global symbols #1
Global symbols #2
Group logical name tables
    canceling entries
    including logical name #1
    including logical name #2
GSDs (global symbol directories)
    analyzing in object files
GSTs (global symbol tables)
    deleting symbols from
    entering symbol in
Hard links
    SET FILE/ENTER command
    SET VOLUME command #1
    SET VOLUME command #2
Header allocation
    on disk volumes
Help display
    of default libraries
Help files
Help libraries
Hexadecimal dump
Image files
    analyzing fixup section
    analyzing global symbol table
    analyzing patch text records
    error analyzing of
    continuing execution of
    executing in detached process
    executing in subprocess
    resuming execution of
    specifying size with the RUN command
    terminating with EXIT command
Index files
    placing on disk
    creating source file with DSR
        using REPLY/BLANK_TAPE
Input converter
Input data stream
    marking beginning of
    marking end of
Input streams
    defining for created process
    switching control to other processes
Interactive help
Interchange environment
ISO 9660 standard
    DUMP utility
JAVA command
Job batch cards
    end of
JOB card password
Job logical name tables
    canceling entries
    including logical name #1
    including logical name #2
Job retention
    determining #1
    determining #2
    determining #3
    defining CPU time limit #1
    defining CPU time limit #2
    defining CPU time limit #3
    defining CPU time limit #4
    defining CPU time limit #5
    defining CPU time limit #6
    deleting from queue #1
    deleting from queue #2
    redirecting to another queue
    removing from queue
        with ASSIGN/MERGE command
Kept debugger
Keypad applications
    setting for DECterm
    command interpreter rules for #1
    command interpreter rules for #2
    command interpreter rules for #3
    disk volume set
    in command procedures #1
    in command procedures #2
    in command procedures #3
    magnetic tape
    magnetic tape volume set
    specifying for volumes
    volume header
    writing on volume
Lexical functions #1
Lexical functions #2
    object module
License Management utility (LICENSE)
    displaying active
Link option specification records
    analyzing in object files
Listing files in directory
Local symbol tables
    deleting symbols from
    entering symbol in
Local symbols #1
Local symbols #2
Lock limits
    specifying for detached processes
    specifying for subprocesses
Logging in
Logging out
    and device accesses
Logical name inclusion
    in group logical name tables #1
    in group logical name tables #2
    in job logical name tables #1
    in job logical name tables #2
    in process logical name tables #1
    in process logical name tables #2
    in system logical name tables #1
    in system logical name tables #2
Logical name tables
    canceling entries
    canceling system entries
    including logical names #1
    including logical names #2
    including system logical name #1
    including system logical name #2
Logical names
    assigning #1
    assigning #2
    assigning to devices
    creating #1
    creating #2
    creating a table
    deassigning using CLOSE command
        equivalence name for #1
        equivalence name for #2
        translation of #1
        translation of #2
    with MOUNT
Logical queues
Login command procedures
    reconnecting to a virtual terminal
    specifying alternate
LOGIN procedure
    and detached processes
LOGOUT command
Longword dump
Magnetic tapes
    mounting ANSI-labeled #1
    mounting ANSI-labeled #2
    mounting multiple foreign volumes
    overriding protection checks
    specifying block size for
    specifying density for
    specifying record size for
Mail utility (MAIL)
    process termination
    setting protection
Match size
    specifying with DIFFERENCES command
/MEDIA_FORMAT qualifier
    for INITIALIZE command
    displaying availability and use of
        process balance slots
        process entry slots
    displaying error count for
    examining contents
    replacing contents
Message files
    setting format
Message logging
    online documentation
    sending to terminals
Modes of transferring files
Module header records
    analyzing in object files
Module objects
    analyzing end-of-file records
Module traceback records
    analyzing in object files
MOUNT command
    allocating file window mapping pointers
    controlling shadowing minicopy function
    creating a shadowed volume set
    creating a volume set
    disabling automatic rebuild
    enabling access to subsystems
    making a volume public
    mounting a volume clusterwide
    mounting an ANSI-labeled magnetic tape #1
    mounting an ANSI-labeled magnetic tape #2
    multiple foreign tape volumes
    overriding volume protection checks #1
    overriding volume protection checks #2
    qualifiers requiring special privileges
    rebuilding a disk volume
    requesting an ancillary control process (ACP)
    requesting operator assistance #1
    requesting operator assistance #2
    specifying a protection code
    specifying a shareable volume
    specifying a user identification code (UIC)
    specifying block size for magnetic tape
    specifying default block extent
    specifying magnetic tape density
    specifying magnetic tape record size
    specifying number of directories
    specifying write protection
    controlling whether movefile operations are enabled
    determining if movefile operations are enabled
Multiprocessing systems
    showing attached processor state
    starting attached processor
    stopping attached processors

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