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HP OpenVMS DCL Dictionary

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EDT editor
ELSE keyword
    and IF command
Enabling autostart
End of batch job on cards
End of data stream
End-of-module record analysis
EOD command
    and DECK command
EOF (end-of-file)
Equivalence names
    assigning to logical names #1
    assigning to logical names #2
    displaying for logical names
Error Log Viewer (ELV)
Error messages
    online documentation
Error streams
    defining for created process
    controlling error checking
        for image files
        for object files
EXAMINE command
    and DEPOSIT command
    length qualifier
    creating files
    protecting files
    transferring files #1
    transferring files #2
    wildcard character
Executable images
    alternate login command procedure
    continuing interrupted command procedures
    continuing interrupted programs
    login command procedure
    multiple command strings
Execution queues
    designating autostart or nonautostart
    specifying node or node and device
    ASSIGN command
    value tests
Extended File Specifications
    COPY command
    DEFINE command
    DELETE command
    DIRECTORY command
    DUMP command #1
    DUMP command #2
    DUMP command #3
    F$FILE_ATTRIBUTES lexical #1
    F$FILE_ATTRIBUTES lexical #2
    F$FILE_ATTRIBUTES lexical #3
    F$GETDVI lexical
    F$GETJPI lexical
    INITIALIZE command
    PRINT command #1
    PRINT command #2
    RENAME command
    SEARCH command
    SET DEFAULT command
    SET DIRECTORY command
    SET FILE command
    SET PROCESS command
    SET SECURITY command
    SET VOLUME command
    SUBMIT command
    TYPE command
    autostart queues #1
    autostart queues #2
    autostart queues #3
    autostart queues #4
    autostart queues #5
    of queue manager
False expression
    and IF command
FHM (file high-water mark)
File expiration date
    specifying retention time values
File images
File Images
        specifying page breaks
File images
    fixup section analyzing
File objects
        debugger information records
        global symbol directory records
        link option specification records
        module header records
        module traceback records
        relocation records
        specifying page breaks
        errors #1
        errors #2
File protection
    changing default for volume
    defining at file creation
    defining default #1
    defining default #2
    establishing default
    with EXCHANGE/NETWORK command
File shareable images
    analyzing #1
    analyzing #2
File specifications
File system requests
    responding to
File types
File version numbers
File windows
    mapping pointer allocation #1
    mapping pointer allocation #2
    specifying mapping pointers
    allocating headers
    batch jobs
        deleting after processing
    closing of queue database
    copying #1
    copying #2
    creating #1
    creating #2
    creating #3
        owner UIC
        with EDT editor
        with TECO editor
    deassigning logical names
    default extension size on disk
        allocated blocks
        at terminal
        backup date
        backup time
        blocks used
        creation date
        creation time
        expiration date
        expiration time
        files opened by the system
        latest version
        modification date
        modification time
        names of installed files #1
        names of installed files #2
        names of installed files #3
        names of open files #1
        names of open files #2
        on current output device
        owner UIC
        with EDT editor
        with SUMSLP editor
        with TECO editor
    ignoring characters, strings, or records in comparisons
    list in directory
    maximum number on disk
    modifying characteristics
    modifying queue entries for
    modifying RMS defaults for file operations
    queue and journal
    reading records from
    searching for character string
    updating with SUMSLP editor
    version limit
        defining at directory creation
    writing records to
Files-11 disk structures
    initializing disks
    On-Disk Structure Level 1 format
Files-11 volumes
    modifying characteristics of
Foreign volumes
    of DIFFERENCES output

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