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Run-Time Library Reference Manual for OpenVMS Systems

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fabs function
fchmod function
fchown function
fclose function #1
fclose function #2
fcntl function
fcvt function #1
fcvt function #2
fdim function
fdopen function #1
fdopen function #2
Feature logical names
Feature-setting routines
Feature switches
Feature-test macros
feof function
feof_unlocked function
ferror function
ferror_unlocked function
fflush function
    using with popen function
ffs function
fgetc function
fgetc_unlocked function
fgetname function
fgetpos function
fgets function
fgetwc function
fgetws function
File descriptor #1
File descriptor #2
    HP C defaults
        for OpenVMS logical names
File pointer #1
File pointer #2
File protection #1
File protection #2
File specification conversion routines
fileno function
finite function
Fixed-length record files
    accessing in record mode
Floating-point support
flockfile function
floor function
fma function
fmax function
fmin function
fmod function
fopen function
fork function
    specification string for input functions
    specification string for output functions
fpathconf function
fprintf function
fputc function
fputc_unlocked function
fputs function
fputwc function
fputws function
fp_class function
fp_classf function
fp_classl function
fread function
free function #1
free function #2
free function #3
free function #4
    using with tempnam function
freopen function
frexp function
fscanf function
fseek function #1
fseek function #2
fseek function #3
fseek function #4
fseeko function
fsetpos function
fstat function
fstatvfs function
fsync function
ftell function
ftello function
ftime function
ftruncate function
ftrylockfile function
ftw function
Function prototype
    argument list-handling
    case conversion
    character classification
    character-conversion #1
    character-conversion #2
    Date/time #1
    Date/time #2
    Standard I/O #1
    Standard I/O #2
    Terminal I/O
    Time #1
    Time #2
    UNIX I/O
funlockfile function
fwait function
fwide function
fwprintf function
fwrite function
fwscanf function
gcvt function #1
gcvt function #2
GENCAT command
getc function
getch function
getchar function
getchar_unlocked function
getclock function
getcwd function
getc_unlocked function
getdtablesize function
getegid function
getenv function
    using with putenv function
geteuid function
getgid function
getgrent function
getgrgid function
getgrgid_r function
getgrnam function
getgrnam_r function
getgroup function
getitimer function
getlogin function
getname function #1
getname function #2
getopt function
getpagesize function
getpgid function
getpgrp function
getpid function
getppid function
getpwent function
getpwnam function
getpwnam_r function
getpwuid function
getpwuid_r function
gets function #1
gets function #2
getsid function
getstr function
gettimeofday function
getuid function
getw function
getwc function
getwchar function
getyx function
glob function
globfree function
gmtime function
gmtime_r function
    symbolic link support
Group database functions
Group Identifier
gsignal function #1
gsignal function #2
gsignal function #3

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