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Pay per use Program

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In previous versions of PPU on HP-UX (HP product T1322AA) a customer’s usage charges were calculated based on the number of active cores in the system. Starting with version B.05.00 (HP product T2351AA), PPU offers an alternative pricing model in which you are charged for the percent utilization of the active cores.

Starting with the release of PPU version B.07.00 (HP product T2351AA), both pricing models are supported for HP enterprise servers running HP-UX. Your contract with HP determines which pricing model you are on. The release of the product on Windows Integrity servers added PPU support for HP Integrity servers running Windows Server 2003 (but only with the “core percent utilization” pricing model).

The billing amounts vary as your core usage increases or decreases. This is different than traditional financing approaches that are based on fixed-payment amounts for a specified period.

PPU can be run on an HP Integrity Virtual Machines environment (HPVM). In this case, the usage information for billing purposes is still the overall usage for the VM Host. However, you can examine the usage report at the portal to see a detailed breakdown of the usage for each virtual machine (also called a “guest”).

The release of PPU versions 8.x on OpenVMS 8.3 (HP product BA485AA) introduces both number of active cores and core percent utilization to OpenVMS Integrity servers. PPU versions 8.x are currently available for specified HP enterprise servers running HP-UX 11i v1 and 11i v2, and OpenVMS I64 V8.3. PPU version 7.1 is available for HP Integrity servers running Windows Server 2003 (Enterprise and Datacenter editions). See “Most Recent PPU Versions and Supported Platforms” for details.