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HP Pay per use (PPU) User's Guide for versions 8.x

  Table of Contents


HP Part Number: 5991-5554

Second Edition

September 2006

Table of Contents

About This Guide
Intended Audience
New and Changed Information in This Edition
Publishing History
Document Organization
Typographic Conventions
PPU Documentation
PPU User’s Guide History
Locating the PPU User’s Guide
HP Encourages Your Comments
1 Pay per use Overview
Pay per use Program
PPU Overview
Most Recent PPU Versions and Supported Platforms
2 Understanding PPU Requirements
PPU Program Requirements
PPU Software Requirements
Required Version of Utility Meter Software
HP-UX 11i v1 Requirements
HP-UX 11i v2 Requirements
Upgrading PPU Software (HP-UX)
OpenVMS 8.3 Requirements
Windows Server 2003 Requirements
Firmware Requirements
PPU System Move Requirements
3 Installing and Configuring PPU Software
Getting Started
Verifying PPU Functionality on HP-UX Systems
Verifying PPU Installation and Functionality on Windows Systems
Verifying PPU Functionality on OpenVMS Systems
Installing PPU Software
Find the Latest Patches (HP-UX)
Installing from the HP-UX Media (HP-UX)
Installing from the HP Software Depot (HP-UX)
Installing on Windows Server 2003 Systems
Additional Windows Installation Considerations
Installing from the OpenVMS I64 OE DVD
Configuring PPU Software
Configuring the Utility Meter (Required)
Configuring the System Identifier (Optional)
Limiting the Number of Active Cores (Optional; HP-UX and OpenVMS)
Viewing the System Settings (HP-UX, Windows and OpenVMS)
Verifying the PPU Software Connection to HP
Verifying the PPU Agent is Running
Reinstalling or Updating PPU Software
Uninstalling PPU Software
For OpenVMS
For Windows Server 2003
4 Using the PPU Software
PPU Web Portal
For OpenVMS
PPU Usage Report
Understanding Utilization Capping (HP-UX and OpenVMS)
Special Consideration for OpenVMS
New Partition Creation
Partition Resizing
5 Troubleshooting
General Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting the PPU Software
For Windows Server 2003
For OpenVMS
6 Frequently Asked Questions
Pay per use Program
Pay per use Software
A Special Considerations
Inactive Partitions in PPU Systems
PPU Percent Utilization Information Verification (HP-UX)
PPU Security
OpenVMS Command Mapping
B PPU Manpages (HP-UX only)
ppu (5) Manpage
ppud (1M) Manpage
ppuconfig (1M) Manpage
C PPU Service and Command References (Windows only)
PPU Software
HP Pay Per Use Service
ppuconfig Command
D Glossary
Pay per use Terminology

List of Figures

1-1 PPU Components