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General Troubleshooting

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As a first step in troubleshooting problems with the PPU software, the following are some general guidelines to consider before proceeding to the platform-specific troubleshooting sections.

If usage data for all partitions is missing at the portal or a connectivity test fails (ppuconfig -t) for all partitions, this may indicate a configuration problem with the utility meter.

If usage data for only some partitions is missing at the portal, or a connectivity test fails only for some partitions, you may have configuration problems for specific partitions. In this case, you should check for errors logged by the PPU agent in the failing partitions, check that the PPU agent is installed, properly configured and running in the failing partitions, and check the network connection from the partition to the utility meter.

Finally, you should be sure parstatus is working. For failures in virtual partitions, check the vPar commands such as vparstatus.

For troubleshooting commands specific to HP-UX, OpenVMS, and Windows, see the following sections.