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This user’s guide is not designed to be read from front to back in its entirety. For a general understanding of PPU versions 8.x, you should read this information:

  1. This chapter — About This Guide (entirely)

  2. Chapter 1 — Pay per use Overview (entirely)

  3. Chapter 2 — Understanding PPU Requirements (entirely)

  4. Chapter 3 — Installing and Configuring PPU Software ( Getting Started section)

After reading this information, you can utilize the table of contents and index for specific topics of interest.

Here is a summary of the chapters and appendixes in this guide:

  • About This Guide — Use this chapter for information on this document’s intended audience, changes for this edition of the guide, publishing history, document organization, typographic conventions, available PPU documentation, and how to provide feedback.

  • Chapter 1, PPU Overview — Use this chapter for an overview of the PPU program, an overview of a PPU system, the most recent PPU version and supported platforms, and changes for this version of the software.

  • Chapter 2, Understanding PPU Requirements — Use this chapter to understand PPU: program, software, and system move requirements.

  • Chapter 3, Installing and Configuring PPU Software — Use the Getting Started section to help you verify whether your PPU system is correctly installed and configured, and corrective actions to take if it is not. This chapter also has instructions on how to install, configure, uninstall, or reinstall the PPU software.

  • Chapter 4, Using the PPU Software — Use this chapter for an explanation of the PPU web portal, PPU usage reports, utilization capping, and what to do when creating a new partition in a PPU system.

  • Chapter 5, Troubleshooting — Use this chapter for a step-by-step procedure to resolve problems with the PPU software.

  • Chapter 6, Frequently Asked Questions — Use this chapter for answers to questions on common PPU software topics.

  • Appendix A, Special Considerations — Use this appendix for procedures on how to inactivate partitions, validate PPU percent-utilization information with PPU web-portal reports, information on PPU security, and OpenVMS command mapping.

  • Appendix B, Manpages — Use this appendix for reading the actual HP-UX manpages: ppu, ppud, and ppuconfig. This section applies to HP-UX systems only.

  • Appendix C, PPU Services and Command References — Use this appendix for more information about Windows PPU services and commands. This section applies to Windows systems only.

  • Appendix D, Glossary — Use this appendix for definitions of PPU system and software terms.