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PPU User’s Guide History

This is the second edition of the HP Pay per use (PPU) User’s Guide for versions 8.x.

Locating the PPU User’s Guide

You can find the HP Pay per use (PPU) User’s Guide for versions 8.x in the following locations:

  • For the most up-to-date version of the User’s Guide and for localized language-specific versions, go to the following HP documentation web site (search for “PPU User’s Guide”):


  • September 2006 HP-UX 11i v1 Instant Information media

  • September 2006 HP-UX 11i v2 Instant Information media

  • In the PPU 8.x software product on HP-UX, located in:

  • The version 7.x User’s Guide is also on the Smart Setup media associated with HP Integrity Servers for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 64-bit version, Installer Media 4.5 or higher (located at: \contents\doc\en_us\PayPerUseUserGuide.pdf)

  • On the OpenVMS Version 8.3 Documentation CD

  • For OpenVMS related information, visit the following web site:

New information may have been developed after the time of this edition. For the most current information, visit the following HP documentation web site:

For Windows-related information, especially release notes, visit the following web site:


NOTE: The information contained in this section applies only to HP-UX systems. It does not apply to Integrity servers running OpenVMS 8.3 or Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

The PPU software product contains the most up-to-date manpages. For details of the following PPU manpages, at the time of this document’s publication, see Appendix B “PPU Manpages (HP-UX only)”:

  • ppu(5): An overview of the PPU software

  • ppud(1M): The daemon that provides system configuration and core usage information to the utility meter

  • ppuconfig(1M): For setting the configuration values of a PPU system