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L.2 Configuring VAXstation 2000 and MicroVAX 2000 Devices (VAX Only)

The System Generation utility (SYSGEN) connects devices, loads their drivers, creates the data structures by which the operating system and drivers coordinate their activities, and calls device initialization routines. In general, SYSGEN is invoked for these purposes late in system initialization during the execution of the system startup command procedure, SYS$SYSTEM:STARTUP.COM.

At that time, STARTUP.COM issues a SYSGEN command AUTOCONFIGURE ALL. SYSGEN's Autoconfigure facility examines its table of possible VAXstation 2000 and MicroVAX 2000 devices (see Table L-2), determines which devices are attached to the system, and configures existing devices using information in the table.

HP strongly recommends that you accept the default behavior of STARTUP.COM. If you must exclude a specific device from being configured, you must first prevent STARTUP.COM from performing the autoconfiguration by setting the SYSBOOT parameter NOAUTOCONFIG. After invoking SYSGEN, you should ensure that the base asynchronous serial ports are always autoconfigured. To do this, enter the following command:


You can also enter an AUTOCONFIGURE ALL/EXCLUDE=(device-name[,...]) command, making sure not to exclude the serial lines. Subsequent CONNECT statements should be written with the appropriate csr_addr value to the command's /CSR qualifier, as shown in Table L-2. These csr_addr values are actually offsets from the beginning of VAXstation 2000 and MicroVAX 2000 I/O space (EXE$GL_CPUNODSP), thus differing from the customary bus address value traditionally specified for UNIBUS devices in the CONNECT command.

Table L-2 VAXstation 2000 Autoconfiguration Table (VAX Only)
Device Name Driver CSR Number of Vectors First Vector Vector Offset
Standard Serial Lines TT YEDRIVER ^X0800 2 ^O300 4
ST506 Disk Controller DU DVDRIVER ^X0C00 1 ^O774 ---
TK50 Tape Controller MU TVDRIVER ^X0C80 1 ^O770 ---
Ethernet Controller ES ESDRIVER ^X4E00 1 ^O120 ---
MicroVAX 2000 Serial Lines YF YFDRIVER ^X6800 2 ^O104 4
32-Channel Synchronous Lines ZS ZSDRIVER ^X6800 1 ^O110 ---
Color Video Option VA VFDRIVER ^X6A00 2 ^O104 4
Black & White Video Option VC VEDRIVER ^X5000 1 ^O104 ---

Examples of correct CONNECT commands for VAXstation 2000 and MicroVAX 2000 devices include the following ones:


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