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Part 2
Part 2 BIND
Chapter 6
6 Configuring and Managing BIND Version 9
     6.1     Key Concepts
         6.1.1         How the Resolver and Name Server Work Together
         6.1.2         Common BIND Configurations
                Master Servers
                Slave Servers
                Caching-Only Servers
                Forwarder Servers
     6.2     Security Considerations
         6.2.1         Access Control Lists
         6.2.2         Dynamic Update Security
         6.2.3         TSIG
         6.2.4         TKEY
         6.2.5         SIG(0)
         6.2.6         DNSSEC
                DNSSEC Restrictions
     6.3     Migrating from BIND Version 4 to BIND Version 9
         6.3.1         Navigating Two Different BIND Environments
     6.4     BIND Service Startup and Shutdown
     6.5     Configuring the BIND Server
         6.5.1         Configuration File Elements
         6.5.2         Address Match Lists
         6.5.3         Configuration File Format
                The ACL Statement
                The CONTROLS Statement
                The INCLUDE Statement
                The KEY Statement
                The LOGGING Statement
                        The Channel Phrase
                        The Category Phrase
                The MASTERS Statement
                The OPTIONS Statement
                        Boolean Options
                        Forwarding Options
                        Dual-stack Servers
                        Access Control Options
                        Interfaces Options
                        The Query Address Options
                        Zone Transfer Options
                        Bad UDP Port Lists
                        Server Resource Limits
                        Periodic Task Intervals Options
                        The TOPOLOGY Statement
                        The SORTLIST Statement
                        RRset Ordering
                        Tuning Options
                        Built-in Server Information Zone
                        The Statistics File
                The SERVER Statement
                The TRUSTED-KEYS Statement
                The VIEW Statement
                The ZONE Statement
                        Type of Zone
                        The Zone Class
                        Zone Options
         6.5.4         IPv6 Support in BIND Version 9
                Address Lookups Using AAAA Records
                Address-to-Name Lookups Using Nibble Format
         6.5.5         DNS Notify
         6.5.6         Incremental Zone Transfers (IXFR)
         6.5.7         Dynamic Updates
                The Journal File
                Dynamic Update Policies
                Creating Updates Manually
         6.5.8         Configuring Cluster Failover and Redundancy
                Changing the BIND Database
     6.6     Populating the BIND Server Databases
         6.6.1         Using Existing Databases
         6.6.2         Manually Editing Zone Files
                Setting TTLs
                Zone File Directives
         6.6.3         Saving Backup Copies of Zone Data
         6.6.4         Sample Database Files
                Local Loopback
                Hint File
                Forward Translation File
                Reverse Translation File
     6.7     Examining Name Server Statistics
     6.8     Configuring BIND with the SET CONFIGURATION Command
         6.8.1         Setting Up a Master Name Server
         6.8.2         Setting Up a Secondary (Slave) Name Server
         6.8.3         Setting Up a Cache-Only Server
         6.8.4         Setting Up a Forwarder Name Server
     6.9     Configuring the BIND Resolver
         6.9.1         Changing the Default Configuration Using the TCP/IP Management Command Interface
         6.9.2         Examples
         6.9.3         Configuring the Resolver Using RESOLV.CONF
                Specifying Nameservers With IPv6 Addresses
                Resolver Default Retry and Timeout
         6.9.4         Resolver Default Search Behavior
         6.9.5         Resolver Search Behavior in Earlier Releases
         6.9.6         Setting the Resolver's Domain Search List
                Setting the Search List with TCP/IP Management Commands
                Setting the Search List with TCP/IP Management Commands
     6.10     BIND Server Administrative Tools
    Command 1     bind_checkconf
    Command 2     bind_checkzone
    Command 3     dnssec_keygen
    Command 4     dnssec_signzone
    Command 5     rndc
    Command 6     rndc_confgen
    Command 7     nsupdate
     6.11     BIND Version 9 Restrictions
     6.12     Solving Bind Server Problems
         6.12.1         BIND Server Diagnostic Tools
    Command 8     dig
    Command 9     host
         6.12.2         Using NSLOOKUP to Query a Name Server
         6.12.3         Solving Specific Name Server Problems
                Server Not Responding

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