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HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS

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Chapter 7
7 Using DNS to Balance Work Load
     7.1     DNS Clusters
     7.2     Round-Robin Scheduling
         7.2.1         Disabling Round-Robin Scheduling
     7.3     Load Broker Concepts
         7.3.1         How the Load Broker Works
         7.3.2         Managing the Load Broker in an OpenVMS Cluster
         7.3.3         How the Metric Server Calculates Load
     7.4     Load Broker Startup and Shutdown
     7.5     Configuring the Load Broker
         7.5.1         Configuring the Load Broker with TSIG
                Configuring the Load Broker to Use TSIG
         7.5.2         Enabling the Load Broker
         7.5.3         Load Broker Logical Names
         7.5.4         Metric Server Logical Names
     7.6     Metric Server Startup and Shutdown
     7.7     Solving Load Broker Problems
         7.7.1         Metricview Utility
         7.7.2         Viewing Diagnostic Messages
Part 3
Part 3 Configuring Services
Chapter 8
8 Configuring and Managing the DHCP Server
     8.1     Key Concepts
         8.1.1         How DHCP Operates
         8.1.2         How DHCP Allocates IP Addresses
         8.1.3         Relationship Between DHCP and BOOTP
         8.1.4         Client ID
     8.2     DHCP Server Components
         8.2.1         Executable Files
         8.2.2         Configuration Files
                Server Policy
                Client Configuration Parameter
                Network Addresses
                Netmask Masks
         8.2.3         Command Files
         8.2.4         Logical Names
         8.2.5         Log Files
     8.3     DHCP Server Startup and Shutdown
         8.3.1         Stopping the DHCP Server Process
     8.4     Configuring the DHCP Server
         8.4.1         Enabling the DHCP Server
         8.4.2         Configuring DHCP and DNS/BIND to Assign Host Names
                Dynamically Assigning Host Names
                Statically Assigning Host Names
         8.4.3         Signaling the DHCP Server
         8.4.4         Returning to the BOOTP-Only Configuration
         8.4.5         Setting Up a DHCP Cluster Failover Environment
         8.4.6         Methods to Configure DHCP Parameters
     8.5     Using DHCP GUI to Configure DHCP
         8.5.1         General Information
                Saving Information in a Record
                Adding New Records
         8.5.2         Configuring Server and Security Parameters
                Server/Security Parameters
                Configuring IP Ranges
                Configuring Host Names
                        Host Name List Parameters
                Active IP Snapshot
                Preload MAC Addresses
         8.5.3         Configuring Parameters for Clients
                The Subnets Tab
                        Configuring a Subnet
                        Removing a Subnet Record
                The Nodes Tab
                        Configuring a node
                        Removing a node record
                The Groups Tab
                        Using group parameters
                        Defining a group
                        Removing a group record
                Nodes, Subnets, Group Parameters
                        Name/ID parameters
                                Limitations on Group Hierarchies
                        Key Parameters
                        BOOTP Parameters
                        IP parameters
                        Lease parameters
                        Link Parameters
                        NetBIOS Parameters
                        Network Parameters
                        TCP Parameters
                        Time Parameters
                        X Window Parameters
     8.6     Configuring DHCP/BOOTP IP Addressing
         8.6.1         Static IP Addressing for BOOTP Clients
         8.6.2         Static IP Addressing for DHCP Clients
     8.7     Configuring DHCP Manually
         8.7.1         Tasks Involved
         8.7.2         Modifying the Client Configuration Parameters File
                DHCPCAP Configuration Syntax
                DHCPCAP Configuration Rules
                DHCPCAP Configuration Examples
                Symbol Value Formats
                DHCP Configuration Symbols
         8.7.3         Reinitializing the DHCP Server
     8.8     Supporting Utilities
         8.8.1         DHCPDBDUMP, DHCPSHOWDBS, and DHCPDBSHOW Utilities
         8.8.2         DHCPDBMOD Utility
         8.8.3         DHCPDBREG Utility
     8.9     Solving DHCP Server Problems

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