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HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
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A.7 MV scheme

  1. Make Alice a stratum 0 server by enabling the lines in TCPIP$NTP.CONF:

     server prefer
     fudge stratum 0
  2. On both Alice and Bob, add two lines to TCPIP$NTP.CONF:

     crypto pw littlesecret
  3. On Bob, add the server line for Alice to Bob's TCPIP$NTP.CONF:

     server alice autokey
  4. On Alice, generate the MV parameters. The MV parameter generation process produces a server key and a number of client keys. When choosing the number of client keys, avoid factors of 512 and do not exceed 30. The following command will generate 4 keys (N-1, where N is 5):

     ALICE>ntp_keygen -"T" -"V" 5 -p littlesecret
  5. On Bob, generate the client parameters using the server password:

     BOB>ntp_keygen -"H" -p littlesecret
  6. Copy any one of the MV client keys tcpip$ntpkey_mvkeyN_alice.timestamp from Alice to Bob's keysdir .
  7. On Bob, create a symbolic link to the file. Specify "1" after the -"V" option so it does not complain that the -"V" option requires a value. The "1" will be ignored.

     BOB>ntp_keygen -"V" 1 -l tcpip$ntpkey_mvkeyN_alice.timestamp
  8. Start NTP on Alice:

  9. Wait 5 minutes until Alice is synchronized to itself. ntpdc -p should show an asterisk (*) in the leftmost column.
  10. Start NTP on Bob:


Bob should eventually synch to Alice (this may take up to 10 minutes). ntpdc -p should show an asterisk (*) in the leftmost column.

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