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HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
Release Notes


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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 New Features and Behavioral Enhancements
Chapter 2 Installation, Configuration, Startup, and Shutdown
Chapter 3 Restrictions and Limitations
Chapter 4 Corrections
Chapter 5 Documentation Update
Appendix A Implementing NTP Autokeys


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 New Features and Behavioral Enhancements
     1.1     BIND 9 Resolver
     1.2     DNS/BIND V9.3 Server
     1.3     Integrate Tru64 BL26 Updates
     1.4     NFS Client TCP Support
     1.5     NFS Server Support for Integrity
     1.6     NFS Symbolic Link Support
     1.7     NTP Security Update (SSL)
     1.8     SMTP Multiple Domains in a Zone
     1.9     SSH Upgrade with Kerberos Support
         1.9.1         Forwarding of Credentials
         1.9.2         Password Authentication
         1.9.3         Logicals Defined by SSH Startup
         1.9.4         Using Kerberos KDC/DNS
         1.9.5         New Configuration Parameters
     1.10     TELNET Upgrade with Kerberos Support
     1.11     TELNET Server Device Limit
     1.12     IPv6 Support for LPD and TELNETSYM
     1.13     FTP Performance Enhancements for VMS Plus Mode
     1.14     Improved Interface Configuration in TCPIP$CONFIG
     1.15     Added TSIG-based Authentication Support to the Load Broker
Chapter 2
2 Installation, Configuration, Startup, and Shutdown
     2.1     Installing Over V5.3 Early Adopter's Kits (EAKs)
     2.2     Upgrading from TCP/IP Services Version 4.x
     2.3     Adding a System to an OpenVMS Cluster
         2.3.1         Running a Newly Configured Host on the Cluster
         2.3.2         Configuring TCP/IP Services Before Adding the System to the Cluster
         2.3.3         Disabling or Enabling SSH Server
     2.4     SSH Configuration Files Must Be Updated
     2.5     Troubleshooting SMTP and LPD Shutdown Problems
Chapter 3
3 Restrictions and Limitations
     3.1     Netstat Utility -z Option No Longer Implemented
     3.2     Manually Configuring an Interface as DHCP Leads to Startup Problems
     3.3     SLIP Restrictions
     3.4     Advanced Programming Environment Restrictions and Guidelines
     3.5     BIND/DNS Restrictions
     3.6     IPv6 Restrictions
         3.6.1         Mobile IPv6 Restrictions
         3.6.2         IPv6 Requires the BIND Resolver
     3.7     NFS Restrictions on Alpha Platforms
         3.7.1         NFS Server Problems and Restrictions
         3.7.2         NFS Client Problems and Restrictions
     3.8     NTP Problems and Restrictions
     3.9     SNMP Problems and Restrictions
         3.9.1         Incomplete Restart
         3.9.2         SNMP IVP Error
         3.9.3         Using Existing MIB Subagent Modules
         3.9.4         Upgrading SNMP
         3.9.5         Communication Controller Data Not Fully Updated
         3.9.6         SNMP MIB Browser Usage
         3.9.7         Duplicate Subagent Identifiers
         3.9.8         Community Name Restrictions
         3.9.9         eSNMP Programming and Subagent Development
         3.9.10         SNMP Installation Verification Program Restriction
     3.10     SSH Problems and Restrictions
         3.10.1         SSH-Related Security Advisories
         3.10.2         SSH General Notes and Restrictions
         3.10.3         UNIX Features That are Not Supported by SSH
         3.10.4         SSH Command Syntax
         3.10.5         SSH Authentication
         3.10.6         SSH Keys
         3.10.7         SSH Sessions
         3.10.8         SSH Messages
         3.10.9         SSH Remote Commands
         3.10.10         SSH Batch Mode
         3.10.11         ls Fails After cd to a Logical Name from a Tru64 UNIX Client
         3.10.12         SSH X11 Port Forwarding
         3.10.13         SSH File Transfer (All File Sizes)
         3.10.14         SSH Transferring Large Files
         3.10.15         SSH Server Signals Internal Credentials Cache Error
         3.10.16         SFTP Generates Audit Warnings with Class Device
         3.10.17         BIND Resolver Diagnostics Creates an SSH Packet Corruption
     3.11     TCPDUMP Restrictions
     3.12     TCP/IP Management Command Restrictions
Chapter 4
4 Corrections
     4.1     Advanced Programming Environment Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.1.1         Socket Routines Limited to 64k Bytes
         4.1.2         Symbol Vector Inappropriately Inserted in the IPC Options File
         4.1.3         AF_AAL Defined Twice
     4.2     BIND Server Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.2.1         BIND Server Not Properly Using the TCPIP$BIND_COMMON Logical Name
         4.2.2         Change to List of BIND Servers in Resolver Configuration Recognized
         4.2.3         Resolver Clients Not Receiving Responses from the BIND Server
         4.2.4         ACCVIO When Using TSIG
     4.3     FTP Server Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.3.1         FTP Does Not Allow IP Address Specification
         4.3.2         DCL DIRECTORY or UNIX ls Command Returns "Illegal Port Command" Error
     4.4     FTP Client Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.4.1         FTP Client Fails to Delete Interim Files after GET/MGET Commands
     4.5     IMAP Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.5.1         TELNET to IMAP SSL Port 993 Hangs and Aborts The Same Results in Server Crash
         4.5.2         A Message Line Containing More Than 255 Characters Gets Truncated to 255 When Fetched via IMAP
         4.5.3         IMAP server crashes intermittently
     4.6     IPv6 Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.6.1         iptunnel create Command Causes BIND Lookups for IPv4 Addresses
     4.7     LPD/LPR and TELNETSYM Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.7.1         Print Jobs Using Wildcard Proxy from Hosts with No Name to Address Translation Available Are Rejected
         4.7.2         $PRINT/PARAM=(host=x) would report an access violation (ACCVIO)
     4.8     NFS Server Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.8.1         NFS Server Overwrites Files with Case-Sensitive Lookup
         4.8.2         Directories Created by non-VMS Clients Do Not Inherit Version Limit
         4.8.3         NFS Server and netstat Do Not Run Properly on Alpha Systems Not Running EV56 or Later Technologies
         4.8.4         MOUNT Server Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.8.5         Client Unable to Mount Devices
     4.9     NTP Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.9.1         NTPDATE Issue If the NTP Service Is Not Defined
         4.9.2         NTP Server Automatically Purges Log Files
         4.9.3         NTP Broacast Feature Does Note Work on an IPv6-enabled System
     4.10     LBROKER Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.10.1         Load Broker Polls Metric Servers Only Twice
     4.11     UCP Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.11.1         TCPIP SHOW CONFIG NAME Incorrectly Generates Write Audit Alarm
         4.11.2         TCPIP SHOW MAIL/ENTRY Failure
         4.11.3         PIPE to tcpip show conf communication fails
         4.11.4         Problems Generating Correct Database Files with the TCPIP CONVERT/UNIX BIND Command
         4.11.5         Illegal BIND Resolver Search Lists Defined via the TCPIP SET NAME/PATH Command
     4.12     RLOGIN Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.12.1         System Crash, INCONSTATE for an RLOGIN socket
     4.13     RSH Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.13.1         RMT Server Does Not Work with Solaris Clients
         4.13.2         RSH /Escape_character for the Alpha Client Causes an Access Violation
     4.14     RCP Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.14.1         RCP Command Returns Error Status When /LOG Option is Used
         4.14.2         RCP Cannot Locate A File in the Current Directory When SET DEFAULTed to a Search List
     4.15     SMTP Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.15.1         Try-A-Records Governs SMTP Symbiont Use of A Records For Relay
         4.15.2         Any Message Header That Unfolds into a Single Line Longer Than 7192 Bytes Causes SFF to Loop Infinitely
         4.15.3         SMTP Fails to Send Mail with a Record Size Greater than 4093
         4.15.4         Unprivileged User Sending MAIL Results in Security Alarms for Queue CONTROL and READ access
         4.15.5         MAIL to SMTP% Causes Security Alarms
         4.15.6         ACCVIO Due to Improper Parsing
         4.15.7         Selecting MX Records to Route Mails Correctly
     4.16     Startup Problems Corrected in This Release
         4.16.1         Unrecognized Command Verb Errors
     4.17     SNMP Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.17.1         SNMP Poll Time Is Not Configurable
     4.18     Sockets API Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.18.1         Socket Function getaddrinfo() Hangs
     4.19     SSH Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.19.1         OpenVMS SSH Does Not Support Mixed Case Passwords
         4.19.2         Signals Cause Extraneous or Cryptic Messages
         4.19.3         CTRL/C Did Not Work During sftp2/scp2 filecopy
         4.19.4         Usernames with $ Not Supported
         4.19.5         Problem With Timeout in Locking of X11 xauth Authority File
         4.19.6         Cannot Issue a $ CREATE TERM/DETACH from an SSH Session Itself Created Using That Command
         4.19.7         SSH Client and Server Startup Fail If the Correct Version of DECwindows Motif Is Not Installed and Started
         4.19.8         The SFTP Client Does Not Sense the Terminal Page Size Properly
         4.19.9         SSH Filecopy Clients Cannot Use of Group Logical Names on the SFTP Server
         4.19.10         VMS Text Editor and the DCL SEARCH Command See SSH Server Log File Warning Messages
         4.19.11         SSH Client Ignores Any DNS AAAA Records Belonging to the Remote Host
         4.19.12         Publickey Authentication Fails
         4.19.13         Regular Expression Syntax Parsing Not Done
         4.19.14         Login Dates Manipulation Sets Off Audit
         4.19.15         SFTP Server Causes Auditing Alarms
         4.19.16         SFTP File Transfers Do Not Preserve OpenVMS File Attributes
         4.19.17         SSH Password Change Sequence Did Not Check for Password in History File
         4.19.18         Non-OpenVMS Clients Overwrite Files on OpenVMS Servers
         4.19.19         SSH Client Does Not See Entries in TCPIP$ETC:IPNODES.DAT
         4.19.20         Limited Support for ODS-5 File Format
         4.19.21         Fixed SFTP2 Image Exits with Normal Status
         4.19.22         SFTP Batch Procedure Files Need Special Format
         4.19.23         SSH File Transfer Clients and Server Do Not Handle VMS-style Wildcards
         4.19.24         Text Display for Usage Does Not Match Documentation
         4.19.25         Allow Restrictions on Execution of SFTP-server2
         4.19.26         Using SFTP To Pull Fixed Length Files Results In A Corrupted File
         4.19.27         Pasting from Text Editor Loses Characters
         4.19.28         sftp ls on Directory with a Large Number of Files Cannot Be Interrupted
     4.20     SSL Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.20.1         After Installing SSL, POP SSL Ceases to Function
     4.21     TELNET Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.21.1         TELNET Intrusion Detection Inflexibility
     4.22     Miscellaneous Problems Fixed in This Release
         4.22.1         PPP Supports the Scaling Kernel and IA64 Architecture
         4.22.2         TCPIP SHOW ROUTE/MASK Reports Error

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