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Run-Time Library Reference Manual for OpenVMS Systems

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Appendix A
Appendix A Version-Dependency Tables
     A.1     Functions Available on all OpenVMS VAX, Alpha, and Integrity servers Versions
     A.2     Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 6.2 and Higher
     A.3     Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 7.0 and Higher
     A.4     Functions Available on OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.0 and Higher
     A.5     Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 7.2 and Higher
     A.6     Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 7.3 and Higher
     A.7     Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 7.3-1 and Higher
     A.8     Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 7.3-2 and Higher
     A.9     Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 8.2 and Higher
     A.10     Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 8.3 and Higher
     A.11     Functions Available on OpenVMS Version 8.4 and Higher
Appendix B
Appendix B Prototypes Duplicated to Nonstandard Headers
1-1 Differences Between Stream Mode and Record Mode Access
2-1 Output of the Conversion Specifications
2-2 Using the Standard I/O Functions
2-3 Using Wide Character I/O Functions
2-4 I/O Using File Descriptors and Pointers
3-1 Character-Classification Functions
3-2 Converting Double Values to an ASCII String
3-3 Changing Characters to and from Uppercase Letters
3-4 Concatenating Two Strings
3-5 Four Arguments to the strcspn Function
3-6 Using the <stdarg.h > Functions and Definitions
4-1 Suspending and Resuming Programs
5-1 Creating the Child Process
5-2 Passing Arguments to the Child Process
5-3 Checking the Status of Child Processes
5-4 Communicating Through a Pipe
6-1 A Curses Program
6-2 Manipulating Windows
6-3 Refreshing the Terminal Screen
6-4 Curses Predefined Variables
6-5 The Cursor Movement Functions
6-6 stdscr and Occluding Windows
7-1 Calculating and Verifying a Tangent Value
8-1 Allocating and Deallocating Memory for Structures
9-1 Accessing the User Name
9-2 Accessing Terminal Information
9-3 Manipulating the Default Directory
9-4 Printing the Date and Time
1-1 Linking with the HP C RTL on OpenVMS Alpha and Integrity server Systems
1-2 Unicode Example
1-3 I/O Interface from C Programs
1-4 Mapping Standard I/O and UNIX I/O to RMS
5-1 Communications Links Between Parent and Child Processes
6-1 An Example of the stdscr Window
6-2 Displaying Windows and Subwindows
6-3 Updating the Terminal Screen
6-4 An Example of the getch Macro
12-1 POSIX Root Placement
REF-1 Reading and Writing to a Pipe
1-1 UNIX and OpenVMS File Specification Delimiters
1-2 Valid and Invalid UNIX and OpenVMS File Specifications
1-3 Feature Test Macros - Standards
1-4 C RTL Feature Logical Names
1-5 Functions with Dual Implementations
1-6 Socket Routines with Dual Implementations
1-7 Functions Restricted to 32-Bit Pointers
1-8 Callbacks that Pass Only 32-Bit Pointers
2-1 I/O Functions and Macros
2-2 Optional Characters Between% (or% n$) and the Input Conversion Specifier
2-3 Conversion Specifiers for Formatted Input
2-4 Optional Characters Between% (or% n$) and the Output Conversion Specifier
2-5 Conversion Specifiers for Formatted Output
3-1 Character, String, and Argument-List Functions
3-2 Character-Classification Functions
3-3 ASCII Characters and the Character-Classification Functions
4-1 Error- and Signal-Handling Functions
4-2 The Error Code Symbolic Values
4-3 HP C RTL Signals
4-4 HP C RTL Signals and Corresponding OpenVMS Alpha Exceptions (ALPHA ONLY)
4-5 HP C RTL Signals and Corresponding OpenVMS Integrity server system Exceptions (INTEGRITY SERVERS ONLY)
5-1 Subprocess Functions
6-1 Curses Functions and Macros
6-2 Curses Predefined Variables and#define Constants
7-1 Math Functions
8-1 Memory Allocation Functions
9-1 System Functions
10-1 Locale Categories
11-1 Date/Time Functions
11-2 Time-zone Filename Acronyms
12-1 Symbolic Link Functions
REF-1 Interpretation of the mode Argument
REF-2 File Protection Values and Their Meanings
REF-3 RMS Valid Keywords and Values
REF-4 tm Structure
REF-5 Optional Characters in strfmon Conversion Specifications
REF-6 strfmon Conversion Specifiers
REF-7 Optional Elements of strftime Conversion Specifications
REF-8 strftime Conversion Specifiers
REF-9 strptime Conversion Specifications
REF-10 sysconf Argument and Return Values
REF-11 Time-Zone Initialization Rules
REF-12 The vfork and fork Functions
REF-13 Optional Elements of wcsftime Conversion Specifications
REF-14 wcsftime Conversion Specifiers
A-1 Functions Available on All OpenVMS Systems
A-2 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 6.2
A-3 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 7.0
A-4 Functions Added in OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.0
A-5 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 7.2
A-6 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 7.3
A-7 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 7.3-1
A-8 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 7.3-2
A-9 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 8.2
A-10 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 8.3
A-11 Functions Added in OpenVMS Version 8.4
B-1 Duplicated Prototypes

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