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Run-Time Library Reference Manual for OpenVMS Systems

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Header files #1
Header files #2
    displaying on Alpha or Integrity server systems
hypot function
iconv function #1
iconv function #2
iconv_close function #1
iconv_close function #2
iconv_open function #1
iconv_open function #2
ilogb function
inch function
index function
initscr function
initstate function
    using with setstate function
Input and output (I/O) #1
Input and output (I/O) #2
    conversion specifications #1
    conversion specifications #2
    format specification string #1
    format specification string #2
    OpenVMS system services
    record access
        in HP C
    Record Management Services (RMS)
    stream access
        in HP C
insch function
insertln function
insstr function
insstr macro
International software
    description of
Internationalization support
Interprocess communication
isalnum function
isalpha function
isapipe function
isascii function
isatty function
iscntrl function
isdigit function
isgraph function
islower function
isnan function
isprint function
ispunct function
isspace function
isupper function
iswalnum function
iswalpha function
iswcntrl function
iswctype function
iswdigit function
iswgraph function
iswlower function
iswprint function
iswpunct function
iswspace function
iswupper function
iswxdigit function
isxdigit function
itimerval structure #1
itimerval structure #2
j0 function
j1 function
jn function
jrand48 function
kill function
l64a function
labs function
LANG logical name
Large files
lchown function
lcong48 function
    using with drand48 function
    using with lrand48 function
    using with mrand48 function
LC_ALL category
LC_ALL logical name
LC_CTYPE category
LC_NUMERIC logical name
ldexp function
ldiv function
leaveok function
lgamma function
LIB$ESTABLISH function #1
LIB$ESTABLISH function #2
    main function
link function
    search libraries
    with RTL object libraries
Linking with the C RTL
List-handling functions
    va_count macro
llabs function
lldiv function
LNK$LIBRARY logical name
    description of
    extracting information from
Locale support functions
localeconv function #1
localeconv function #2
localtime function
    using with tzset function
localtime_r function
log function
log10 function
log1p function
logb function
Logical name
    for default locale
    for default locale categories
    for international environment
    for locale directory
    for system default locale
Logical names
longjmp function #1
longjmp function #2
longjmp function #3
longjmp function #4
longjmp member
    using with ftw function
longname function
lrand48 function
    using with lcong48 function
    using with seed48 function
    using with srand48 function
lrint function
lround function
lseek function #1
lseek function #2
lstat function
lwait function
Main function #1
Main function #2
    main_program option
main function
    using with wait3 function
    using with wait4 function
    using with waitpid function
malloc function #1
malloc function #2
malloc function #3
    using with ftw function
    using with putenv function
Math functions
    errno values
mblen function
mbrlen function
mbrtowc function #1
mbrtowc function #2
mbrtowc function #3
mbsinit function
mbsrtowcs function #1
mbsrtowcs function #2
mbsrtowcs function #3
mbstate_t #1
mbstate_t #2
mbstate_t #3
mbstate_t #4
mbstate_t #5
mbstate_t #6
mbstate_t #7
mbstowcs function #1
mbstowcs function #2
mbtowc function #1
mbtowc function #2
mbtowc function #3
memccpy function
memchr function
memcmp function
memcpy function
memmove function
Memory allocation
    introduction to
    program examples
Memory allocation functions
Memory reallocation
memset function
Message catalog
Messaging functions
mkdir function
mkstemp function
mktemp function
mktime function
    using with tzset function
mmap function
modf function
Monetary formatting function
Monetary function
Mount points #1
Mount points #2
move function
mprotect function
mrand48 function
    using with lcong48 function
    using with seed48 function
    using with srand48 function
msync function
Multibyte character
    conversion to wide character
Multibyte character support
Multibyte string support
MULTITHREAD reentrancy #1
MULTITHREAD reentrancy #2
Multithread Restrictions
munmap function
mvaddch function
mvaddstr function
mvcur function
mvdelch function
mvgetch function
mvgetstr function
mvinch function
mvinsch function
mvinsstr function
mvinsstr macro
mvwaddch function
mvwaddstr function
mvwdelch function
mvwgetch function
mvwgetstr function
mvwin function
mvwinch function
mvwinsch function
mvwinsstr function
mvwinsstr macro

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