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HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 New Features and Behavioral Enhancements
Chapter 2 Installation, Configuration, Startup, and Shutdown
Chapter 3 Restrictions and Limitations
Chapter 4 Corrections
Chapter 5 Documentation Update
Appendix A LPD/LPR Configuration


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 New Features and Behavioral Enhancements
     1.1     New features
         1.1.1         Packet Processing Engine
                Configuring PPE
                Managing TCP/IP PPE
                Monitoring PPE
                Comparison testing
         1.1.2         FTP Anonymous Light
                Access restrictions for FTP operations
     1.2     Enhancements
         1.2.1         TCPIP$CONFIG
                Configuring interfaces and addresses on a remote cluster member
         1.2.2         LPD configurable port
                Configuring the remote port
                Using the LPD configurable port for secure printing
         1.2.3         FTP over SSL
                Configuring an FTP server for SSL
                Using FTP client in an SSL environment
                Considerations during configuration
         1.2.4         SMTP cluster ability
         1.2.5         SMTP ASCII file configuration
         1.2.6         SMTP Persistent receiver
                Configurable parameters
         1.2.7         POP ASCII file configuration
         1.2.8         POP server support for external authentication
Chapter 2
2 Installation, Configuration, Startup, and Shutdown
     2.1     Installing Over V5.3 Early Adopter's Kits (EAKs)
     2.2     Upgrading from TCP/IP Services Version 4.x
     2.3     Adding a system to an OpenVMS Cluster
         2.3.1         Running a newly configured host on the Cluster
         2.3.2         Configuring TCP/IP Services before adding the system to the Cluster
         2.3.3         Disabling or enabling SSH server
     2.4     SSH configuration files must be updated
     2.5     Troubleshooting SMTP and LPD shutdown problems
Chapter 3
3 Restrictions and Limitations
     3.1     IP Security
     3.2     Dnssec_signzone utility may hang
     3.3     COPY /FTP restriction
     3.4     OpenVMS Mails
     3.5     Netstat utility
     3.6     SMTP configured for cluster awareness
     3.7     Manually configuring an interface as DHCP leads to startup problems
     3.8     SLIP restrictions
     3.9     Advanced Programming Environment restrictions and guidelines
     3.10     BIND/DNS restrictions
     3.11     IPv6 restrictions
         3.11.1         Mobile IPv6 restrictions
         3.11.2         IPv6 requires the BIND Resolver
     3.12     NFS restrictions
         3.12.1         NFS Server problems and restrictions
         3.12.2         NFS Client problems and restrictions
     3.13     NTP problems and restrictions
     3.14     SNMP problems and restrictions
         3.14.1         Incomplete restart
         3.14.2         SNMP IVP error
         3.14.3         Using existing MIB subagent modules
         3.14.4         Upgrading SNMP
         3.14.5         Communication controller data not completely updated
         3.14.6         SNMP MIB browser usage
         3.14.7         Duplicate subagent identifiers
         3.14.8         Community name restrictions
         3.14.9         eSNMP programming and subagent development
         3.14.10         SNMP installation verification program restriction
     3.15     SSH problems and restrictions
         3.15.1         SSH-Related security advisories
         3.15.2         SSH general notes and restrictions
         3.15.3         UNIX features that are not supported by SSH
         3.15.4         SSH command syntax
         3.15.5         SSH authentication
         3.15.6         SSH keys
         3.15.7         SSH sessions
         3.15.8         SSH messages
         3.15.9         SSH remote commands
         3.15.10         SSH batch mode
         3.15.11         ls fails after cd to a logical name from a Tru64 UNIX client
         3.15.12         SSH X11 port forwarding
         3.15.13         SSH file transfer (All File Sizes)
         3.15.14         SSH transferring large files
         3.15.15         SSH server signals internal credentials cache error
         3.15.16         SFTP general problems and restrictions
         3.15.17         SFTP generates audit warnings with class device
         3.15.18         BIND Resolver diagnostics creates an SSH packet corruption
     3.16     TCPDUMP restrictions
     3.17     TCP/IP Management Command restrictions

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